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Published on May 30, 2012

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You've been asking for it and we've listened, so this week's Fanboy Faceoff involves the epic battle between two of the greatest superhero teams of all time - The Avengers vs The Justice League. This battle is not only a showdown between two teams of superheroes, but also in essence a faceoff between the two biggest comic book companies of all time - Marvel vs DC.

In the world of movies, The Avengers have no equal. Marvel's unstoppable force has already earned more than $1.25 Billion dollars at the worldwide box office and will soon become the third highest grossing movie of all time. Not to mention the success of the films from teammates Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America. Combined, the franchise has garnered nearly $3 billion in total box office.

The Justice League, on the other hand, have a huge disadvantage in the fact that there is yet to be a Justice League movie and only three of the characters have ever graced the big screen. Lucky for them though, two of those characters happen to be among the most popular and iconic comic book characters ever. The Superman franchise has earned over a billion dollars at the box office while Batman has earned over $2.6 billion. Despite the disappointing performance of the Green Lantern film, the Justice League members together have earned more than The Avengers team combined and they still have a little movie called The Dark Knight Rises to help push that number even further.

Like The Avengers, the Justice League has had many different members throughout their existence. A Justice League movie, when it eventually gets made, would most likely consist of Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, the Flash and possibly Green Arrow. In a previous faceoff between Iron Man and Batman, Batman took a close victory. So does that mean Justice League have the advantage on this faceoff? Not necessarily. The two characters most likely to be the deciding factor in this battle would be Superman for The Justice League and The Hulk for The Avengers. Could Hulk's unstoppable rage power be enough to take down Superman or would one mighty toss into the depths of space be enough to stop the green monster?

So which team do you think would come out on top? Is there another faceoff that you think would be more of a deciding factor than Hulk vs Superman? Could an Amazon take down an Asgardian? Who's arrow would prevail in a battle between Green Arrow and Hawkeye? Would Captain America's shield be a match for Green Lantern's power ring? The decision is yours so let us know in the comments below or tweet us @ClevverMovies using the hashtag #CMFF. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this one. Until next time, I'm Tatiana Carrier, thanks for watching!

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Young justice owns all
Grand Saint
Let's lay out one fact IF ONE PERSON ON JLA DIES u awaken the sleeping god SUPER MAN he would tear iron man armor a part throw hulk out of orbit destroy captain america shield and kill him and rape Thor with his own hammer and Hawkeye hahaha Hawkeye would all ready be dead Cruz green arrow is the best archer in comic book history black widow would had run grabbed the X- men and then superman would rape them next LOL
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Dana Rousey
Ok you've got green lantern who fights avengers level threat on a regular basis. You've got flash who could run circles around the avengers before they even realise. You've got Wonder Woman who fights gods like Ares. You've got Aquaman who owns more than half the planet and has got Poseidon. You've got superman who can take down most the team on his own ms marvel, cap, iron man and hawkeye don't match up. And cyborg who can remove the avengers from the battlefield literally. And that's not even near the full squad. Justice league wins this the only challengers are Hyperion, thor and dr strange
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Mask Chow
Flash alone can defeat almost all the Avengers. Speed Force!! Goes back in time.
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jacky -tacky
Y'all niggas stupid even this guy thinks hulk has a healing factor and think that will stop the justice league? The justice league would own the avengers. THE flash would solo them. Go read supermans full power and the flash cause there OP. But not that OP like goku XD
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Avengers could just steal batmans kryptonite and kill off superman ;-) But the fact is: One does not simply steal from Batman.
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william mulholland
For just a man, batman can take out any member of the avengers as he has done to the justice league?
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William Jacobsen
As Rachel Dawes said: "Justice is about balance, vengeance is about making yourself feel better." Justice League wins.
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I only wrote popular and powerful heros below: Spidey vs batman:spidey(He can deal with bats gadgets/weapons by using his spidey senses,reflexes,flexibility etc.Eventually they are going to have a fist fight so spidey kills him with one punch) flash vs quicksilver:flash(but x men silver looks more powerful than cw flash) SUPERMAN VS HULK: TIE (Even batman stopped his punches in BvS,on the other hand hulk has a limitless stregth.He gets faster,stronger,more durable every time he gets more angry.He can also survive in both space and underwater.We are gonna see him in space in thor ragnarok) MARTİAN MANHUNTER VS SILVER SURFER: SILVER WINS PHONEİX(JEAN GREY) vs DR.MANHATTAN: JEAN WINS SHAZAM VS DOC. STRANGE: TIE (classic version OF Doctor strange,cause they are gonna stick to that version in the movie) IRON MAN VS CYBORG: TIE (tony is so smart,the guy built a circuit when he was 4:),he came up with a new element and there is no way cyborg can hack jarvis,actually we can bring MAGNETO so he can tear cyborg into pieces) THOR VS GREEN LANTERN: TIE CAPTAIN MARVEL(BRİE LARSON) VS WONDER WOMAN: TIE AQUAMAN VS NAMOR: TIE (we all know "namor" can defeat "aquaman" but There MİGHT BE some controversial "TIE"s above,so lets say this one is a "TIE" too I dont know who else to put against aquaman btw) So 3 to 1 avengers won.
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(Present Day) Professor Xavier
The teams are standing at either end of an american football field.  <Ding> Goes the starting bell before the ding has even reached the ears of the 2 teams The Flash runs to the other side rips all of The Avengers heads off and returns to his starting position where the other Justice League members have already turned round and begun to walk away.
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