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Published on Feb 19, 2012


This is for all the of 626! Welcome to Bobaland! Shout out to Temple City - we'll get you next time for sure!

Directed/Edited by: Jason Poon (
Written/Performed by: David Fung (
Andrew Fung (
Jason Chen (
Olivia T (
Produced by: Tommy Su (
Director of Photography: Josh Yee, Matt Hodges, John Ngo, Jon Pierce, Moses Pan
Audio Mastering: Kevin Lien (

Original Songs: Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg, -- Young, Wild, Free ft. Bruno Mars
Jay-Z & Kanye West -- N*ggas In Paris

Special thanks to Elaine Wong and Mark Keppel HS choir and hip-hop dance teams!

More special thanks:
JustKiddingFilms, Olivia T, Elaine Wong, Audrey Wong, Joannie Chen, Amy Tsang, Moses Pan, Tracy Wong from Savoy, Mary Tee, Aria Hamaguchi, Alex Siu, Keppel Dance Team, IE Tran, Jaylee, Quest Crew, Mitchell Ing, Dave Watanabe, Mark Keppel High School, Wong Fu Productions, Nick Huang from Fluff Ice, Not from Factory Tea Bar

Huge shout out to our clothing brand sponsors - check them out!:
Akufuncture (
Rock Ten Clothing (
PRC Clothing (

Location of Businesses:
Fluff Ice (Monterey Park -
Factory Tea Bar (San Gabriel -
Nem Nuong Ninh Hoa (Rosemead -
Cha Café (El Monte -
JJ Hong Kong Café (Monterey Park -
TSJ Studios (El Monte)
Musique (San Gabriel)
Savoy Kitchen (Alhambra)
Noodle World (Alhambra)
Atlantic Times Square (Monterey Park)
Half N Half (Monterey Park)
Cha For Tea (Alhambra)
The Attic (Alhambra)


Chorus 2X
So what we hang out?
So what we drink tea?
We juss eating good
In the SGV
So what we eat late?
That's how its spose' to be
6-2-6 young wild en free

Let me tell you about a place out east
Just Fifteen minutes from the LA streets
Hollywood doesn't even know we exist
Like it's a mystical land, filled with immigrants
The foods authentic, the price is perfect
Where restaurants focus on the taste not service
Be ready to share cuz it's family style
Time with the fam, makes granny proud!

We're far enough from LA where nobodys actin phony!
Except maybe on our taxes, it's cash only!
Tell the health department stop hating
cuz a B-rating stands for better tasting
Where kids drink more milk tea than liquor
And they roast more duck than Swishers
The Six two six, man check the address
Home of Sriracha and Panda Express

Chorus 2X
So what we hang out?
So what we drink tea?
We juss eating good
In the SGV
So what we eat late?
That's how its spose' to be
6-2-6 young wild en free

Sometimes I wonder, am I still in America?
how come there's still a language barrier?

If you need help, read Yelp, check the reviews
My Elite friends make it easy to choose

Traditional rivalries between high schools
They started back when there was still some white dudes

No matter where you go they can't match the price
So you're always coming back to the Cafe Life
If J-Town's got sake, en KTown soju
What do we have? Oh yea we got boba's
Hot spots to get some, hot pot en dim sum
Shout out to Asian girls let the lights dim some

From Shanghai to Saigon, Tokyo to Taiwan
Beijing to Hong Kong something to bite on
Valley, Atlantic, Garvey, I drive on
3 in the morning, cafes got their lights on

So what we hang out?
So what we drink tea?
We juss eating good
In the SGV
So what we eat late?
That's how its spose' to be
6-2-6 young, wild and free
So what we hang out?
So what we drink tea?
We juss eating good
In the SGV
So what we eat late?
That's how its spose' to be
6-2-6 yum, mild and cheap

Chiggas in Paris

Fluff Ice (That's 626)
Factory Tea Bar (That's 626)
The Open Door (That's 626)
JJ cafe (That 626)

I eat so much shop owners really love me
Girl friends wanna hug me
What's twenty to a playa like me?
Can you please unplug me?
Whats good Latinos, I'm that Chino
Fancy chick, San Marino
MPK, Arcadia, El Monte all my people

She wanna hit Santa Anita maaalll
after we eat out in Monterey Paaaaark
She Chinese but her mom from Vietnaaam
This food out here is so good, nooooom

Wong Fu Pro, 626
JK Films, 626
Jason Chen, 626
Olivia T, 626
TSJ, 626
Cha and Cafe, 626
Akufuncture, 626
Fung Brothers, 626

Comments • 2,085

The Malay-American Guy
Who else hates copyright?
View all 12 replies
Sneakerboii22 YT
Jluong 1020 now you can hear to it,i can hear it
Jluong 1020
I hate copyright this is a good song but I can't listen to it
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anthony suphanna
I feel like the failed asian because i can't play the piano or violin and i hate doing math...
View all 23 replies
E10 Schmid
anthony suphanna same I am Asian and hate doing those things
Hide replies
Dank Meme
Yaaaayyyy! Just kidding crew in da background! I almost didn't recognize Bart and Jo
View all 8 replies
Jim Jones
Jayden Huang
that's not the jk crew its just bart joe and olivia even though she left
Hide replies
The 626 looks awesome. Loving the chorus to this too. I wish I was Asian now. :/
View all 8 replies
Fun626 okay cool. the song was about Asians soooo yeah
Halima 626 doesnt only have asians, it also has a bunch of mexicans
Hide replies
Scotty Reconn
View all 2 replies
Taylor Nguyen
Hide replies
I'm 14 and I lived there for 11 years before moving to Rancho Cucamonga. This video makes me miss the 626 area so much. The food there was amazing, all the Asian food here sucks...
View all 10 replies
holy shit me too! i was raised in pasadena and moved to rancho! i go to los osos!
Hide replies
Oh Shit, JK crew here too.  Nice!
who else tought at first that it was a parody of 679
View all 7 replies
Princess: Innerstargirl
+Brandom Luis ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Pineapple Panda
+Brandom Luis dude 679 came out in 2015 this vid came out in 2012 use ur common sense bro facepalm
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Micah Mauderer
I WANT TO BE ASIAN. Someone take me to Korea to get surgery. Either that or find me an Asian guy to marry. Cuz I aint marrying no white guy~~ There is no China town in Texas, other than colleges. hahaha
View all 43 replies
+Daniel Hwang the backwards is true too. Alotta people fall for the "Yellow Fever" and justl ike you said because their fetish for their race not their personality
Daniel Hwang
+Micah Mauderer's kinda shameful and makes Asian girls look bad when they settle for some dorky chubby white guy. Some of them get with the guys just because they are "white". I think you should date someone based on their character, not just because of their skin color.
Hide replies
I love it when I tell people from UCSB that I'm originally from 626 LA and they recognize the area omg. Night Markets + Boba Paradise
The Malay-American Guy
+Irene Cruz do i look asian?
Irene Cruz
usually when I say I am from the 626, I always get the same response. "you don't look Asian." :(

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