Life in Japan: Sexy but Creepy Girls





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Published on Jan 14, 2012

Ok first off, I'M SORRY! This video is like 12 minutes long, which is freaken UNREAL! For those of you who actually watch this all the way through... wow, high-five because I'd lose interest in a video this long in about 3 minutes haha. Second, my Bro makes another cameo appearance in the background, so don't be surprised when he suddenly appears in a clip midway through the vid. And finally, this is a true story! It's the opposite of what happened with Ayano in my "Creeping out Girls" video, and was a funny change from what I was expecting. The girl, Naoko, was kind of a 'fanfreak', or American/Gaijin fanatic. You'll encounter people like this everywhere, and I just happened to come across a hot one while studying abroad. She was definitely a keeper if otherwise normal, and I'd prolly have tapped that, if you know what I mean (hahaha omg, but seriously...), except I didn't want little quickrhinos running around in Japan causing scenes and being gorgeous (since my half japanese/half american babies are going to be unbelievably attractive).

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Moral of the story is that you had a 19 yo Japanese cutie with a fetish for Americans LITERALLY sitting on your lap and all you could think off was sexual harassment. Good job. Someday, when you are older you will repent this day for the entire life.
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is this guy kidding he saying he is being harassed sexually by a Japanese girl !! what a boll shit then why he spent couple of month chatting with a girl and he went out and look for her ?  and now he telling that he's being harassed , I understand these kind of mind they start some thing and cry about later and blame other . why don't you say I thought she was so sexy and hot that I could have sex with her ,then she tern out to be a unsexy , now your making video telling everyone that your a nice good guy you tried to tech a Japanese girl English ,but she harassed  you sexually,, aging  fucking boll shit , herring these kind story a lot
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#racism #can't speak # didn't read # 2 years late #cultural differences #english is my second language #stopped reading #bad upvote
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kareem Saaidi
...says the creepy guy.
+kareem Saaidi Luka Magnotta's brother..??!!! Yes, something creepy about this guy. He also seems really young.
Ziggy Blazin Tafari
+kareem Saaidi right lol
Is that guy in the background having a stroke? Jesus...talk about uncomfortable..
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Yeah I just hate it when girls rub their crotch into your groin multiple times it makes me so angry!
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Ryan Core
This man got an ugly face with an ugly attitude.
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AWWW,  QuickRhinosan disabled comments on his Youtube video. ... but not before he added to his description box one more time about how damn handsome he is (perhaps he posted from another dimension where nasty, oily hair and an abundant crop of acne are supposed to be turn-ons ... whatever). But evidently he can't stop the comments on Google+! HILARIOUS!
Where's your face?
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That guy in the background is scaring me...
OP, You're a fucking moron. May you bow your head in shame, and walk alone, forevermore. Your man card is hereby revoked. Sincerely, - The internet.
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+Gollatas ´ If anything, "omega" would refer to the coming together of alpha and beta, and progression to a higher sense of thought, which I definitely have espoused.
Attack Helicopter ́
+Ansatsunin not even an Omega.... pathetic
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Jack- A -Lantern
Home boy looks like benedict cumberbatch
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+Jack Budgen Budget Benedict Cumberbatch
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how was she acting crazy? a bit forward, sure. and so what if she likes america. you like japan so much you spent however many thousands of dollars to go there, and she talks to some guys online and SHE'S the crazy one? you think you have any right to judge? ha!
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Mahad Ahmed
LOOOOL DAAMN for real!
+Rylan Rockstar Yeah of course those situations happen too. And gaijin hunters are probably not many, but I can understand it if you heard of such a thing for the first time after this kind of experience and (maybe mistakenly) label her as such. Since that girl tried to seduce him so quickly ^^ (quickly even for western standards). This statement I made totally disregards what kind of conversations they had for 3 months though.. If they kind of flirted already then the situation isn't really weird..so yeah it's a bit tricky.
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Puddy Tat
He is a village idiot.....
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martin bell
+Puddy Tat yup
Gus Dagher
+Puddy Tat lololol
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