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Published on Jun 23, 2015

In this video, couples take a quiz to see how financially compatible they really are. According to Fidelity’s Couples Retirement Study, there's disagreement even among one of the most basic financial matters – salary – with 43% incorrectly stating their partner’s income. How do you and your partner stack up? Visit https://fidelity.com/couplesquiz to find out.

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Kristin: Money can be a touchy topic in relationships. And retirement? That’s something we could probably all think about a little more. We asked some couples to take Fidelity’s couples quiz to see how financially compatible they are when it comes to financially planning their retirement.

Rebekah: How financially compatible are you?

Michael: Age: 25 to 34. Pretty easy quiz, Fidelity.

Rebekah: In case of an emergency, do you know where your legal documents are? I do.

Michael: My partner does, I have no idea.

Kristin: Fidelity’s survey found that most couples have a few cracks in their financial foundation.

1 in 5 couples disagree on where to find important documents
Source: Fidelity Couples Retirement Study 2015

Voiceover: For example, 1 in 5 disagree on who knows where to find important financial and legal documents.

Text: 43% fail to correctly identify their partner’s salary
Source: Fidelity Couples Retirement Study 2015

Voiceover: And there's even disagreement among one of the most basic financial matters: salary.

Kristin: But more importantly, where do these couples stand with their retirement goals?

Shauntay: Everyone pictures retirement differently. What does yours look like?

Damien: Honestly I have no idea.

Shauntay: I don’t expect we’ll live in luxury, but we’ll be fine.

Rebekah: When it comes to investing for your retirement, who is primarily in charge? Um we do that together as well.

Shauntay: I am.

Damien: My partner is, but I weigh in on occasion.

Voiceover: In Fidelity’s survey, 33 percent of couples disagreed on what kind of lifestyle they’ll have in retirement. But overall, 72 percent of them say they communicate exceptionally or very well on this topic.


33% disagree 72% communicate well
Source: Fidelity Couples Retirement Study 2015

Kristin: Our couples, at least, seemed to be on the same financial page.

Michael: Uh yeah I don’t know, retire in an old beach side town somewhere?

Rebekah: That’s exactly what I was thinking so.

Michael: Run a little bed and breakfast in Italy?

Rebekah: Perfect.

Shauntay: For me, I definitely think about retirement often um because it is a ways off, but I mean you don’t want to wait until it's you’re almost time to retire to have money.

Kristin: And what advice do they have for other couples?

Rebekah: Talk to each other like openly all the time about money and what your savings goals are.

Michael: We went and saw a financial planner, had like the one free consultation. Just gave us some confidence and gave us enough ideas where we felt comfortable talking about our savings.

Rebekah: Yeah. It made us realize we need to start focus on um investing.

Damien: Just be straightforward you know. Just like she shares with me what she makes, I need to share with her what I make.

Voiceover: Are you and your partner on the same page? Take Fidelity’s quiz and find out. Fidelity dot com slash couples quiz.

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