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Published on Jan 28, 2007

A movie made with movie maker. It has 4 movies which are Warhammer Online, Warhammer Mark of Chaos and Archlord. The musical score is Lux Aeterna the two towers version.

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when you 9 Years late to the war
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Daniel Apodaca
04:07 "I will defeat you!" Gets kicked on the waist. "Sorry but this is not an anime."
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Jonathan Parriss
Whenever​ a battle begins, the kings and queens take they're last breath though the flesh air. A knight preying before battle with a sword in his hands, so for glory they say no it's not gloy... it's Honor. marching band of Brothers hold they're swords standing held not high but eyes closed hearing out for help from they're belief's. ​As they heard out they're cammander, they're raised they're swords and Spears screaming​ out for the word to spread, running to the no man's land and being slushed by they're eithers. Bones cracked, blades grinding​ sparks, sparks grow into fire, archers raise there bows. body's staped by each side of the two armies, knights are breathing by there dieing breathe, armies in the same numbers. finally it ended​, but the dark remains and demon's are out there, he picks up his weapon and marched on with the remaining balance knights. a new Nation has risen to they're place, they attack every isolated armies. oh angles​ and the dead watch as they believe that this nation is the last, oh dear they say no to anyone who stands before them. oh can they finally live forever as they evolve? I see your fate, oh my I never expected this such beauty for humanity, would you stay or would you go back? oh wishes not luck but Fate it's self, good bye old friend. wishes are in your hands.
Έλληνας Πολίτης
Daniel Apodaca no this is not Sparta
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jack smith
Europe vs Isis?
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Bashar Jaber
jack smith my friend I don't think so....just the Iraqi army and the Iraqi people vs isis ....this is the true
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American Patriot
Deus Vult
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Desert Fox
known your (((enemy)))
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damian lyman
This would be an appropriate song if hillary clinton becomes president of the United States.
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Dung poperz JC
damian lyman Ikr
Helix Void Echo
FlyingDutchman19801 better than starting world war 3 against russia over a nation none of us care about
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This is very impressive considering that this is 8 years ago and the video editing softwares weren't that good. I make these cinemaitc videos on my channel it's kinda my thing :D
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Le cram
Europe, Russia, USA —Brother in Arms vs. ISIS 
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Alex Shin
Oh I am, aren't I, even though I haven't done anything to give me such a title? By the way, USA stopped financing the group that turned into ISIS the moment it turned into ISIS. You are very misinformed, blind sheep.
@Alex Shin and the USA are the biggest terrorists on Earth
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It is already happening open your eyes..
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masquenada8 Yes ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Yakuza Nation, Civil War, Mexico
♛ĦăŁį ĞâĻį♛
+serious black Absolutly correct :) Alqaida and Isis= cia= amerika israel saudi arabia and all zionism
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Elaine Evans
World War 3 is coming! Just keep your eyes on events in the Middle East and the European Union! May God help us all! Amen!
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Elaine Evans Stop fearmongering
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Rafael Nogueira
We are in 2016 and the world never was so close to the world war 3
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Matthew Smith
Well.. Yeah... By definition. How could be past be closer to a future event?
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