Ys Seven Walkthrough (Nightmare mode) Part 62 Boss Battle #13 Earth Dragon Rada-Manj





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Uploaded on Oct 29, 2011

Oh snap we're actually fighting the Earth Dragon!?

As intimidating as this guy looks, and as epic as this boss fight seems (trust me this is probably the most cool-looking of all the boss fights) this guy isn't....that bad.

The fight consists of two phases. In the first phase he will attack you with his feet. When he stomps, other than being able to take damage from the stomps themselves, he also sends towering vines at your character that can poison. These are pretty easily dodged or flashguarded. Then he sometimes shoots weird....thorn bushes at you....these can poison you as well and as long as you pay attention to the animations in his head you will know when to dodge so these aren't to bad either. He also has a flamethrower that actually misses if you are far to in, this one isn't very dangerous. In the first phase your goal is to break the crystals in all four of his legs in order to actually aim for the head in which he does different attacks. When you're in the top of the platform aiming for the head he does the thorn bush attack which as previously mentioned isn't so bad as long as you pay attention to when he shoots em, the flamethrower (which is probably the easiest to flashguard+counter), a bite attack (kind hard to see coming but also very punishable by flashguard+counter) and thats about it.

Once you get him to a bit less than half his health the fight actually gets tough. My hand was actually tired of spamming the square button (probably because of the position I hold the PSP). You need to CONSTANTLY dodge in this phase as he will never stop chasing you. The only time you will be able to attack is when he does that dash and trips, landing on top of you or when he does that bite attack; both of these can be flashguarded but I dunno since he always lands on top of me its kinda hard to punish and flashguard since I can't see myself most of the time when he does it. Its pretty hard to charge SP in this phase so utilize the dragon energy crystals situated to the dragons left around the circular battlefield to replenish your SP. The rest of the time you will be dodging. He throws energy spheres at you which aren't that hard to dodge, the blue ones seem to home in on you a little. His laser eyes are easily dodged as well just position yourself correctly in between them or simply dodge them...its not that hard. The rest is just waiting for him to do an attack that will end in his head being in range.

While Elk does bonus damage to this boss I don't recommend him because he is not gonna be doing more than Dogi or Mustafa. I recommend the Dogi/Mustafa setup in this fight especially since its so easy to land Kaiser rush on him most of the time. So as usual rely on Kaiser Rush for damage and use Dogi's Extra whenever you build it up. You might have noticed I was using Mustafa's Empower. This skill at higher levels actually helps maximize Mustafa's ally's damage, thats why I got it to level 7. Though you might notice that its actually kind hard to land sometimes since your ally characters RUN AWAY from you...to hit the enemy.

Well thats it for my advice. Hope whoever is watching keeps enjoying the walkthrough, I know I am kinda slow on updating but thanks for watching.

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