Where Darwin Went Wrong





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Published on Feb 11, 2009

Charles Darwin camped on the Santa Cruz River at the basalt cliffs on April 26, 1834. From "Camp Darwin" in Argentina he interpreted the river valley as having been eroded by extremely slow process during enormous time. Dr. Steve Austin shows that the landscape that Darwin saw was eroded extremely rapidly by a giant river flood that was six miles wide and four hundred feet deep. The Santa Cruz River marks an early blunder in Darwin's career. How else was Darwin wrong about science?

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Evolution is an interpretation of a belief based on a faith in which you view the world.. Creationist can also interpret the same evidence....Two people can look at the same rock and imagine what history it has had.. One can also model evidence to point towards their imagined belief in the history of the rock.. But there are assumptions that must be made in context of all history.. If you believe evolution is the correct interpretation of the presumable evidence you are being deceived..    
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Forg Gaming
You are aware that you are presenting a logical fallacy which is the slippery slope argument? If he was wrong about geology, he could be wrong about biology. Or lets go further: He was wrong about a river so he could be wrong about a theory that has piles and piles of information that confirms it is likely true. If you have proof or evidence that evolution is wrong, then present it. Otherwise this video is interesting, but has absolutely no bearing on the discussion on the theory of evolution.
A rebuttal to a long dead geologist's work from the 1800s. Peer review sorted out his errors long ago, I'm having trouble grasping the point of this. Are you going to post a video ridiculing Da Vici because his plane didn't fly? There is a awfully long list of mistakes made in the strides of scientific progress, to mock the inconsequential (and often necessary) mistakes of great contributors with the benefit of generations of added progress (none of which you added to) is petty.
About Darwin's geology, I understand this is "where Darwin went wrong". I'm glad to learn from this video that his discoveries in biology have stood the test of time better.
Ok so Darwin was not as good a geologist as later people were. This dose not rock my world view.
It's funny. Right in the intro this sorta loses all credit. Darwin never claimed he figured out the origin of life. Darwin only dealt with observations of allready existing life. Why must you, from the start, appear to be simply preaching to the choir?
Darwin studied Theology, the other stuff was a hobby he developed. He wasn't even the naturalist on the Beagle. Like millions of others he worked hard at his interests in later life. Because of, not despite, being a school teacher I believe in life long learning and not regurgitating even what my truly wonderful parents and teacher taught me. 
tsoro sam
that`s what science is all about, things are assumed to be correct until they proven wrong. 
Stu Saville
Darwin as a young man also believed in the literal truth of the Bible... Boy was he ever wrong about that! Fortunately it's not Darwin's theories on geology and theology for which he is known today, but his groundbreaking work on evolution. I find it rather sad and pathetic when his religious fundamentalist detractors in their frustration to scientifically disprove his theory of evolution, resort instead to attacks upon the mans credibility and reputation.
The fact is that Darwin was wrong about some things. However, that doesn't mean Darwin was wrong about everything. By your logic, then we should ignore all of Newton's accomplishments because he was wrong about alchemy. In the end, Darwin made many contributions to the fields of geology, zoology, botany, and even social sciences. Yes, he was wrong about some things, but that shouldn't discredit any of these accomplishments.
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