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Published on Feb 4, 2011

IGN gives its video review for the action RPG Two Worlds 2. Can this ambitious fantasy sequel live up to its promises or will it flounder like the original?

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I don't get it. I'm about 15 hours in this game and I love it. The voice acting is great, most notably the player character has a voice and the variety of voice actors is astounding. The cities and towns are unique and the visual presentation rivals top developers. Sure AI and combat are a bit clunky which was extremely noticeable at first but after getting used to the mapping its not to bad. Overall I would rate Two Worlds 2 8/10 for the massive improvement over TW1 and the fact that the quality of what is there came from a low tier developer. Also I'm done with IGN, They trash indie/low level developers and rimjob the 'A listers' all the time.
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They're reviewing Two Worlds 1 and showing pictures of Two Worlds 2 !!! This can't be allowed. >:(
I played it through on the PS3 years ago, and now I've got it for the computor. The differences control-wise are huge! Navigating through menus and controlling the characters actions in general is such a chore on the console versions, where the PC version ultimately destroys such hassles. Though, the story is really disappointing and bland, the ending is awful and really unfair, in my opinion. The world is huge though! The next continent you arrive to is much bigger than the last one. The problem with that is that only a fraction of this huge world is actually populated. The last continent only have some kind of village in the very center of it. Apart from that the whole, huge place is desolate save for some scattered monsters, which doesn't respawn. I don't know if they've fixed it now, but when I played it, after killing every enemy in the whole game, you got to approximately level 48 I believe, and there was some armor which required you to be level 50. So, yeah, that was kind of frustrating. But the soundtrack is really amazing. And many of the voice acting is actually really funny.
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Prince Vegeta
Cant spell ignorant without IGN
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Paul McDonagh
Weak sauce. I liked this game myself.
Can i play this without playing the first?
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With how cheap this game is now I think I'd get it just for the terrible dialogue XD
Do the employees at IGN even play games? This game is really great. Deserves at least an 8/10, and probably even a 9/10.
this is one of the worst game's ever!!!!!!!!
sim si
at the moment the likes and dislikes are the same at 780
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