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Published on Aug 2, 2012


--Trillion Dollar Deficit
--Obama Campaign
--Michelle Obama
--Jeff Greenfield
--Greece Bankrupt
--Facebook Stock
--One Million Moms
--Kanye West
--Kim Kardashian

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Comments • 239

brad bustamante
Being free doesn't mean you get things for free.
Jim Schuck
No, I didn't center it around the Democrats. You misunderstood. It's that very vocal minority creating the illusion of a "country divided" when this country is really majority center-right and always has been. I'm also not making your point in any way other than the fact that we don't agree. I see people with your perception that "the parties are just alike" and "my vote doesn't matter" as simply justifying inactivity.
Marc Vette
If they allowed links, you'd see this reply full of them. If you really wanted to know, you'd be looking, not explaining your perception of division. Notice, you have it centered around a division of the Dems, not the division between the country's two parties. You've made my point better than I could have ever explained it. I'd could watch that hole you're digging with each reply get deeper, but, I'm not here to entertain myself. And any hope of educating you seems very unlikely. Shame, that.
Jim Schuck
You're not pissing me off; you're just making me wonder how people get so wrapped up in these conspiracy theories. You claim it's rigged for Romney. CNC295 thinks it's rigged for Obama to win by a landslide. You can't both be right. I have a theory that people who believe like you simply are trying to justify a lack of trying to make things better. Why try if the world is stacked against you? 
Jim Schuck
Where, on the internet? If it's posted on the internet, then it MUST be true.-LOL. There realy isn't as much division as you think there is. You've got a lot of people who voted for Obama who are simply fed up. You've got a very vocal minority who still supports him implicitly and a lapdog media willing to sell out any credibility they have left, although I'm beginning to see them see the light. 
rebjii, I dont know who sean hanity is never heard of him, until the only time I ever hear his name is when some dumbass liberal pops off his name!
Marc Vette
Whatever it costs to protect our borders from invading armies. Not to maintain a military Empire with 900 or so bases around the world and in countries that should be spending their OWN money on their own army to protect them, not us paying to do it. Or is that too logical?
Marc Vette
Where the hell do you get those numbers? usfederalbudget (dot) us. Try 2011 - 25%. NOT including the cost FOR THE WARS IN FOREIGN LANDS. Which is NOT part of any budget and are funds allocated quarterly by special session in Congress (Because we don't have a balanced budget!). LOOK IT UP!! So, add a 500B to 1T to that yearly. And, 41% of the "budget" IS BORROWED! Add 5% per year for each FRN that is in circulation. We don't even HAVE the money to maintain a properly balanced budget, dude!
in 1958, "defense spending was 60 percent of the budget. It's now 17 percent." In 1958, the percentage of the federal budget going to national defense was 56.8 percent. In fiscal year 2011, the percentage was 19.6 percent, So HOW MUCH MORE DO YOU WANT TO CUT? What do you consider a legitimate amount to spend on the military? 
Marc Vette
Both parties approve of these aid deals. You know that. Stop with the partisan crap. Neither party is following the Constitution. And, check out what the money goes for. Go ahead. Not food. Not public welfare. It goes to The MIC. They buy weapons from US weapon manufacturers. Go ahead, look it up. Never mind. You won't. You'll just come back with some more "We on the right Bla, bla" "Those libs, I'll tell ya " And, as I've said - Nothing gets done. Not now, not 50 years from now. You're boring
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