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Uploaded on Jan 1, 2010

A song about Cellular Respiration, based on Black Eyed Pea's "I Gotta Feeling."

Lyrics written by, song performed by, and Powerpoint slide show done by a simple high school science teacher named Mr. Hsu.

mp3 available (finally):

This song and video have been made solely for educational purposes. Its level of depth and detail into the process of cellular respiration are aimed at High School Honors Biology students (at least the ones I teach). If you find any errors or omissions (i.e. I didn't mention 1,3-biphosphoglycerate), this is due to the fact that I'm not teaching AP Biology or college-level Biology AND I'm being constrained by describing such a complex biochemical process through a fairly recent pop song with incredibly repetitive lyrics.

I actually performed this song for my students in class the day before our cellular respiration test. If you're lucky, you might find a video of such a live performance somewhere in the vast internet (quite a few of them were recording me singing it in class, after all). This video is a result of me taking a simple digital camera and aiming it at my computer to try and record the performance my students experienced (so sorry for the crude recording and poor quality).

I have recorded an mp3, and if I have time, I will find a place to upload it for public download, so that other Biology students can listen and study for their tests on cellular respiration. Also, if I have time, I may upload a better version of this video (powerpoint slide show and song), but teachers so rarely have time when we're doing things like writing tests, grading homework, and making parody songs for our students to actually enjoy what they are learning...


Cell Respiration
It's a long complicated process
That I need to know for a Bio test,
But it turns my brain into a huge big mess

Cell Respiration
It breaks down food to release energy
Food molecules are glucose specifically
You need oxygen to oxidize thoroughly

Cell Respiration (Woo Hoo)
It gives off some carbon dioxide
Also water's made off to the side,
But the ATP is why we got on this ride

Cell Respiration (Woo Hoo)
It's made up of 3 main stages,
But it takes up so many pages,
And to know it all seems to take many ages

Glycolysis (lysis means split)
Is what's first up (in the cytoplasm)
Takes one glucose (6 carbons)
And splits it up

To do this right (it)
Phosphorylates (from)
2 ATP (so)
2 ADP are....made!

Now that the glucose has phosphate
It breaks into 2 molecules that seem like mates
2 NAD+ come and oxidize them,
Which mean they take electrons and hydrogen (gen gen gen)

Add free phosphates
Now we're set
2 ADP (it's really 4)
and 3 carbon...met

Phosphates break off
ATP made...
Left with pyruvate (there's 2 of them)
And they go to the Krebs Cycle

Krebs Cycle, which happens in the mitochondria,
Oh no wait, not really, there's transition step

Let's count the ATP
4 were made, but 2 were spent
That means 2 ATP
were profited in

Glycolysis (woo hoo)
It didn't need any oxygen
2 NADH now have hydrogen
and 2 pyruvate molecules were made in the end

Transition Step (woo hoo)
NAD+ oxidizes pyruvate
1 carbon is lost along the way
And both molecules turn into Acetyl-CoA

Now 2 carbons (carried by Coenzyme A)
Krebs Cycle's next (in the matrix)
4 carbon molecule (already there)
The two connect (now 6 carbons)

Gets oxidized (by NAD+)
1 carbon left (CO2 gone)
Will do this twice (numbers doubled)
4 carbons ...are left

1 ATP (made)
oxidize (by the)
NAD+ (and...)

Molecule change (no carbon lost)
Atoms rearrange (still 4 carbons)
Looks like the start (wooooooO~~~)
And then we'll do it again

Krebs Cycle repeats twice, because 2-pyruvate
were made in (gly)colysis; let's count it up

We now have (4) ATP (6) CO2 and then these guys
10 NA(DH) 2 FA(DH2) bring electrons to ETC:

Electron Transport Chain
Inner membrane-brane-brane-brane-brane
Of the mitochondria
Proteins in lane-lane-lane-lane-lane

Electrons from NADH
Pass through 3 proteins-teins-teins-teins
Electrons from FADH2
Pass through 2 proteins-teins-teins-teins

As the electrons pass through the proteins pump out
Hydrogen ions called protons to the

Inter-Intermembrane space
A concentrated place (place)
Protons will return through the (A)ATP Synthase

ATP Synthase (ma~~~akes)
32 ATP from returning protons
6 oxygen molecules get the electrons
And they combine to make 6 water with hydrogen ions

Cell Respiration (woo hoo)
Now I know the entire process
If I study I'll do well on the Bio test
And afterwards I'll get a good, good rest

Woo hoo!

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