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Published on Aug 12, 2011

This is from talking funny. Read this if you enjoy comedy...
All these guys are Legends in their own right, but in this clip I don't think the American comedians pick up on Ricky Gervais' double entendre. He uses emphasis and timing to turn "sh*t jokes" (jokes about sh*t) into "sh*t jokes" (jokes that are sh*t). None of the other American comedians seemed to pick up on this. I picked up on this immediately being English myself. This I feel is something very common in British comedy, double entendres,... (play on words). I must say, I'm often good at recognising social cues and body language but whether they shrugged this off as 'lame', from an American comedic point of view... I don't know, or were they oblivious to the intention of the joke?
What do you think?
Just to make it clear, I'm not hating on American comedy or comedians.

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Rae T
0:25 "he's got a lot of shit jokes" lol Ricky..it just went over their heads
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'Hey's got a lot of shit jokes' That's a great example of British humour vs American humour. Brits come out with sly irony filled statements like that that American's completely miss because their comedy is based around more obvious jokes.
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haha how did they not pick up on Ricky's pun 'he's got a lot of shit jokes'. smooth
haha Ricky owned them. "He's got a lot of shit jokes". hah
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Hector Ayala
You tools are so dumb, they picked up on it immediately....that is why CK said "i have a lot of shit jokes"....the thing is gervais is joke was so stupid, none of them stooped down to that low hanging fruit, and instead continued with the original conversation. It show how dumb you are to think that ridiculous attempt at a joke was clever.
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Kris Backhouse
None of them had a clue that they were being totally mugged off
Americans showing how stupid they are yet again.
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British people are extremely delusional. I've heard them say things to the effect of, "British humor is based on wit and American humor is based on smut and fart jokes". That couldn't be further from the truth. Have you ever seen Monty Python? That shit is garbage, it's just ridiculousness and/or men running around in dresses, screaming in high pitched voices. Where's the wit in that? I don't think the British understand the word "wit". If you've ever seen Seinfeld, The Simpsons (Seasons 3 - 8 primarily) then you have witnessed brilliant wit. Let me just randomly give you a Monty Python scenario that I can make up at the drop of a hat: (In high pitched voice, while wearing a dress) "This is my bird! I love my bird! Listen to him chirp chirp chirp!", and then the idiot starts running around in circles.
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IllFindYou ForFun
lol hes got a lot of shit jokes.... LOL, they all just brushed it off
I think you're wrong. This doesn't highlight that the joke went over their heads; it highlights that Americans don't appreciate obvious, 'Brit piss-taking' jokes. Now, THAT'S where some of the differences in humour, lie. We, the British, enjoy taking the piss; we laugh at failure and enjoy the discomfort of others. We are happy if someone starts having a dig and taking the piss out of us, because that means we've been noticed, recognised - 'we're in!'. If we are in company where everyone is 'friendly and polite', it can often be disconcerting. The way we joke around is often seen as 'snippy', rude and sometimes cruel, by Americans. Basically, Ricky was going through the British, piss-taking, bonding ritual and the Americans didn't think it appropriate.
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