1. Predict the direction of equilibirium

  2. How to analyse Heterogenous Equilibirium

  3. How to combine equilibirium expression

  4. How to write equilibirium expression for heterogenious reaction

  5. HOw to interprete magnitude of Kc

  6. How to relate forward and reverse Kc

  7. How to find Kp

  8. How to write Equilibirium Constant Expression

  9. Subshell in H atom

  10. Electronic Transition in H atom

  11. Matter Waves Problem

  12. Energy of a photon in electron volt

  13. Ideal gas equation Vs Real gas equation problem

  14. Vander wall equation problem

  15. Calculating molar mass of gas

  16. Calculating the gas density

  17. Relationship between gas density and molar mass

  18. Nitrogen gas collected over water

  19. Comparison of RMS speed

  20. Applying grahams law

  21. Amount of gas collected over water

  22. Relation between Partial Pressure and mole fraction

  23. Daltons law of partial pressure lecture

  24. Mole fraction and partial pressure

  25. Daltons law partial pressure problem

  26. Relating gas volume to the amount of another substance

  27. Practice Ex Relating gas volume to amount of another sustance

  28. How to solve problem of ideal gas

  29. applying ideal gas equation

  30. Tennis ball ideal gas equation

  31. Where Is the Resultant Force Zero

  32. Force on Dam

  33. Strength of Covalent bond.mp4

  34. Discharging of a capacitor

  35. RC Circuit discharging of capacitor q vs t and I vs t plot.mp4

  36. Charge Vs time plot for charging of capacitor

  37. Current Vs Time plot charging of RC Circuit.mp4

  38. Time constant RC in RC circuit.mp4

  39. Sibbal wants IIT Coaching BYE-BYE.mp4

  40. RC Circuit current as a function of time.mp4

  41. RC Circuit an introduction.mp4

  42. Kirchoff rule two loop.mp4

  43. Kirchoff rule Multiloop

  44. kirchoff rule one loop

  45. Kirchoff rule.avi

  46. Balancing Redox equations in acidic and basic medium

  47. Balancing Redox equations by ion electron method.mp4

  48. Introduction to Chemical equilibirium Vs Kinetics.mp4

  49. Basics of Factors affecting acidity.mp4

  50. Introduction to Oxidations states of organic compounds.mp4

  51. IIT JEE 2013 New pattern.avi

  52. Basics of PH of strong base solution

  53. Concentration of different ions in a solution.mp4

  54. Calculating PH of srong acid solution.mp4

  55. Calculating frequency from wavelength.mp4

  56. Using mass relation in neutralisation reaction

  57. Basic chemistry: Determining the quantity of solute

  58. Preparing a solution by dilution

  59. Using molarity to calculate gm of solute

  60. Determining the concentration by acid base titration

  61. Basic Stoichiometry strength of solution: Lecture

  62. Basic Stoichiometry Normality Sample Problem 1

  63. Basic Stoichiometry Mole Fraction Sample Problem 1

  64. Basic Stoichiometry Molarity: Sample Problem 2

  65. Basic Stoichiometry Molarity Sample Problem 1

  66. Basic Stoichiometry Molality : Sample Problem 1

  67. Basic Stoichiometry Back Titration :Sample Problem

  68. Basic Stoichiometry Back Titration :Lecture

  69. Acid Base Titration concepts

  70. Acid Base neutralisation

  71. Molecular mass using barium salt intermediate level

  72. Principle of Atom conservation POAC illustration

  73. Preparing 250ml CuSO4 Solution

  74. Fertilizer N P K ratio

  75. Degree of hardness, ppm,

  76. Mole concept calculation elementary problem.mp4

  77. Gravimetric Analysis calculation challenging problem

  78. Concepts of dilution

  79. Stiochiometry weight of residue IIT 1990 solved

  80. Balanced chemical equation: calculation

  81. Acid Base neutralisation Calculation IITJEE solved.mp4

  82. Prepare 1M NaOH Solution

  83. Strength of hydrogen peroxide: Volume Strength

  84. Dissolving CuCO3 in H2SO4

  85. Adsobtion by Charcoal IIT JEE 2003 solved

  86. Molarity of pure water IITJEE Solved

  87. Hardness of water- lecture

  88. Adsobtion by Charcoal IIT JEE 2003 solved.mp4

  89. Limiting reagent Roorkee 1986 solution

  90. Sample problem: newtons law of motion related acceletrion

  91. Daltons atomic theory

  92. First experiment of chemistry

  93. Element, compound. atom, molecule.avi

  94. Newtons Second law of Motion Related Acceleration.avi

  95. Stoichiometry Elementary problem

  96. Newtons Second law of Motion connected particles part 2

  97. Basics of mole.mp4

  98. Concentration Units

  99. Relation ship between Concentration Units.avi