Quadrata Mars,(wait 44 sec) Greatest Mars Mystery!





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Published on Feb 9, 2014

Check out and explore this latest image with coloured areas and snapshots with comments to unveil the secrets of Mars past as both the East and West have been studying a recent discovery of ancient irrigated plots of land and other Anomalies

Very latest video "Ancient farmers of Mars" click here http://youtu.be/PKNiJnIDamQ
Gale Lake fossilised creatures Click here to explore
Quadrata Martis the squares of Mars Click here to explore http://gigapan2.gc.cs.cmu.edu/gigapan...
Worm or burrow fossils Click here to explore http://gigapan2.gc.cs.cmu.edu/gigapan...
Mars Driftwood Click here to explore http://gigapan2.gc.cs.cmu.edu/gigapan...
Spherical & tubular formations
in Dykes or walls Click here to explore http://gigapan2.gc.cs.cmu.edu/gigapan...
Webbed Ancient Colony
evidence at Hellas Plaitia Click here to explore http://gigapan2.gc.cs.cmu.edu/gigapan...
Mount Sharp super scaled for exploring with zoom click here

Interestingly both the United States and Russia currently are the top two countries viewing this information about "Quadrata Martis" (Latin;Squares of Mars) as I have named this special location with the US in the lead and there is good reason for this as there are future robotic missions planned for Mars in the coming years and this area has everything on a plate for exploration as it is very flat and approachable, the trenches are easily navigable and will not pose a barrier.There are many differing rocky out crops to explore with very interesting anomalies and some very strange deposits of differing types.

The structure of the channels and the strange arrays within the plots that are under the surface are the most interesting feature but the whole area is a great exploration adventure for any mission planner.

All youth must grow and learn and mankind is no exception....While I was spending many hours searching through hirise infra-red photography of Mars surface taken some 5 years ago, I stumbled across very unusual markings that seemed nothing like anything I had seen before.I had initially decided to search the area of Hellas Planitia as it is the only place on Mars where the low altitude allows liquid water to be present at certain times of the Martian year and was accounting for recurring geometrical forms that could possibly be linked to biological activity.The distinct markings I found appeared to be mostly cubic and had signs of intelligent design, in that mostly they were made of four simple sides to create rectangles and squares of land though I could not help imagining that they may be a type of irrigation as in Mars past the water would of been so precious that any intelligent life would need to maintain its flow to there areas of food cultivation and they may of used wells that warmed the frozen ground ice then piped it to the irrigation canals.

To be honest the odds of searching the hirise image data to find something like this are a million to one or greater as there are tens of thousands of files and this discovery is a cropped image that is processed, scaled and rotated 20.5 degrees that was taken from a much larger file! I increased my odds by looking at Hellas Planitia as this would of been the last place that could sustain liquid water in Mars history and still can at certain low altitudes, seasonably.I did not expect to find this as I was looking at other anomalies at the time which require zooming down to the max 50cm per pixel level but when I checked back at the data and the configurations of the markings I was shocked and could not believe my eyes and I think you will agree also, please share this video and rate it good or bad and thanks for watching.


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