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Published on Jun 6, 2007

91 year old cook and great grandmother, Clara, recounts her childhood during the Great Depression as she prepares meals from the era. Learn how to make simple yet delicious dishes while listening to stories from the Depression.


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I would haven gotten upset too if someone helped themselves in my garden without asking. It is very hard work to grow your own food.
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M x
Freeloaders, even back then, Damn!!! Good for grandma..
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Rock Balancer
rest in peace granny i just met. too all you pussies who complain you dont have the newest phone and high speed internet; THIS LADY QUIT SCHOOL CAUSE SHE COULDNT OBTAIN SOCKS. buck up
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Duke Sliskus
Rock Balancer fuckin' eh, buddeh'
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And she didn't even season a thing and yet, it appears that everyone loves it. I think not only do the ingredients speak for themselves, but the cook, with all her love, makes it taste even better. She was sweet.
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Ja Crispy
Hunger is the greatest spice.
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Jimmy Rustle
I thought this was gonna be about great meals to cook when you're depressed. Oh well. Still enjoyed it.
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Valerie Orozco
Jimmy Rustle 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😊😁
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Saskatchewan Jones
9 year old video......the old school youtube video now all of a sudden getting tons of recent views and comments. wtf. everyone being nice to each other. it's weird. if everyone would just realize that we are all in this thing together, the world would be better off. we are all just living and wanting to take care of, and care for the ones we love the most. we all work hard to get what we got, with some exceptions for rich pricks who were born into it.....but still, we need to just leave each other alone and just go to work for ourselves and our families. politics, race war bullshit, class war bullshit.....all just a device for the elites who enslave us with debt to keep us distracted and at odds with each other, instead of pointing the finger at them. what a joke this world has become.
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Thank for this Ms. Clara! Your family was blessed to have you, we are blessed to see this. Rest in peace, sweet lady.
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Oscar Melara
Tri Dong same!!!
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Christina Vreeland
I'm on the poor end of society. Although not starving, I pinch my pennies, and things like this make me realize that the financial strain we feel in the moment will eventually pass, and it may also be important for us to go through. Decades later, the Great Depression enabled this dear woman to invest in her grandchildren's lives, and those of their friends. It encourages me to look beyond today's worries and realize that when I'm 90, today's struggles may have a positive impact on my family.
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C. Lassard
Christina Vreeland That's very true of what you say. I wish you the very best in life. Times are tough, but with a mindset like yours it will be overcome!
Johnnie Patrick
David Carter l
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Whitney TheExPat
I think the reason we love our grannies' cooking is because they actually learned to cook REAL food, whereas nowadays everything is zapped in a microwave and comes prepackaged. sigh Miss my Nanny! She was a good old southern woman so you KNOW she knew how to cook!
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Anon 3303
Whitney TheExPat Ugh don't cooked using microwave.
Whitney TheExPat
+The Engineer OMG REALLY?!?!?! Let me pose to you an existential question- would the food really not be in the microwave had I not put it there? What if someone else had put it there? Hmmmm?
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Fuck it's 1:40 and I gotta work Tommorow and here I am watching Clara cookin' up a storm
sevewone lol you must be hungry!
Christian Blue
sevewone hahahahahahahahahahahaha
Leather Boot Room
"now I'm gonna put a little bit of oil" pours half of the bottle...
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Samantha Squarl
My grandma grew up in the depression an does the same shit. Therefore, My mom is the same way. But, that's how u make really good fried potatoes an mini pacakes lol
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