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Published on Jun 6, 2012

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When you pit two of the biggest superhero teams of all time against one another, you're bound to get a heated debate and that's just what happened in this week's Fanboy Faceoff with The Justice League taking on The Avengers. We had a record number of responses in one of the closest Faceoffs to date.

We anticipated that one of the deciding factors would be the battle between Hulk and Superman and we were right with the numbers split on who would win. Many of you felt that Hulk's rage power would ultimately be too much for the Man of Steel, but some thought Supes would just send the Green Monster on a one-way trip to the sun. Interesting enough, many of you thought the deciding factor wouldn't be between Hulk and Superman, but between Superman and Marvel's other and arguably most powerful character, Thor. The God of Thunder would be quite a match for the Superman, but would even a god be enough to take down such a powerful team? Inevitibility23 didn't think so stating, "[Justice League] are all almost god-like in terms of how powerful they are...Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman or Martian Manhunter ALONE could take on every Avenger that was in the movie. At the same time."

jjsauchellz26 agreed with the overwhelming power Superman possessed, but thought the Avengers would be able to overcome that commenting, "Superman is the JLA's biggest weapon. Tony Stark, as rich and powerful he is, could probably get his hands on some kryptonite, thus taking Superman out of the equation. In addition, Superman is weak towards magic (Thor). With Superman out of the equation, the Avengers shouldn't have a problem finishing off the rest of the JLA.

But there was one member of the Justice League many thought would be an even more formidable opponent and not because of his superpowers. It was the overwhelming intellect and detective work of Batman that would ultimately be the deciding factor to the battle, bringing up the fact that The Dark Knight was able to take down the members of his own team at one point in the comic world. Focusing on just this point, Demonanil said, "Batman is a seasoned vet. He thinks on his feet and adapts to the fight faster than any other super hero. He is always 4 steps ahead of everyone."

The Justice League may be more powerful and have the intellect of Bruce Wayne on their side, but The Avengers possess not one, but two geniuses on their side - Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. CarnageTrooperx thought they was all they would need to prevail saying, "[Avengers are] way more advanced in TECH and intelligence, plus they got Thor. Sure Superman would be more than a formidable foe, but he isn't at Skyfather level which is what you need to put down Thor. Once Supes is out, JLA are going down!"

The rivalry between DC and Marvel is alive and well and many passionate arguments on both sides, but ultimately there can be only one winner. This was the closest faceoff to date and almost too close to call, but with 52 percent of the votes the winner is....The Avengers!

We're guessing the success of the movie probably gave The Avengers a slight edge, but what do you think of the results. Does this make you anxious for Warner Bros to start work on the Justice League movie? Which members of the team would you like to see appear. Let us know in the comments and be sure to also tell us which faceoff you'd like to see next week. Until then, I'm Tatiana Carrier, thanks for watching!


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