2017東海岸大地藝術節潮間.共生宣傳片TEC Land Arts Festival 2017 - Promo (old version)





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Published on May 24, 2017

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東海岸大地藝術節(TECLandArt Festival)是交通部東海岸國家風景管理處於2015年開始委託專業承辦,沿著台灣東海岸各地舉辦的藝術活動,內容包括邀請藝術家駐地創作大型戶外作品,並設置在東海岸沿途風景區,稱之為「駐地創作營」。除此之外,還有沿著台11線公路開放藝術工作室、藝術市集、音樂會等,是一個以東部海岸線區域的自然環境、部落生活、棲息居住、旅行壯遊為主題的藝術節。東部海岸壯闊自然,有時優美有時狂野,有時神秘有時開放,生活在其中的人們,寂靜而自然,樸素而自由,本藝術節透過駐地創作、藝術品設置、藝術活動、完善的旅行設施,讓觀光者在公共場所中找到情境涉入與幸福感之關係,繼而產生夢想的在地生根。

《潮間 共生》


因此今年的藝術節,將在《潮間 共生》的核心精神下,透過駐地創作藝術呈現東海岸人文與自然的獨特質地。


About Taiwan East Coast Land Art

In 2017, the East Coast National Scenic Area, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as ECNSA) will host the third annual East Coast Land Art Festival. The festival emphasizes onsite creation and local participation, focusing on the dialogue among art, nature and culture to adapt to the climate and ecological context of the East Coast. The purpose is to gather local and international artistic creativity through a modern cultural tourist strategy into shaping unique cultural and scenic landscapes of the East Coast of Taiwan.
《Mother Island》

The geographic basis of the “East Coast Land Art Festival” is the long and narrow land mass leaning against the coastal mountain range facing the Pacific, 168 kilometers in length, extending southward from outside of Hualien City to Taitung City; home to the site of Paleolithic Chanbian Culture (50,000 to 5,000 years ago) that presented the earliest evidence of human activity on the island of Taiwan. Thousands of years passed, ten indigenous groups have found their home here, as well as the Han Chinese and a significant numbers of new immigrants from around the world have also settled here with the total population nerely reaching over 50,000. With so many ethnic groups scattered around in such a long and narrow place where the mountains meet the ocean, its extending diversified and fluid character gave birth to unique symbiotic relationships, both inter-personally and between people and nature. Just like the intertidal zone, the exposed coastal area that belongs to both the land and the ocean, is where different realities overlap, home to the richest ecological diversity, as well as mothering an abundant marine life culture, a food bank from where the local Amis people are provided daily.


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