IDF Aircraft Target Rockets Warehouse in Gaza





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Published on Nov 15, 2012

In response to incessant rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, the IDF has launched a widespread campaign against terror targets in Gaza. The operation, called Pillar of Defense, has two main goals: to protect Israeli civilians and to cripple the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza.

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  1. 376

    What Does the IDF Do to Avoid Civilian Casualties?

  2. 377

    IDF Pinpoint Strike on Hamas Operational Communications Infrastructure

  3. 378

    IDF Pinpoint Strike Of An Underground Launching Site Near Mosque

  4. 379

    Palestinian Terrorist Groups Launch Rockets At Israel From Populated Areas

  5. 380

    Pillar Of Defense: Fourth Day Recap

  6. 381

    Rocket Fired From Gaza Hitting Ashdod, Israel

  7. 382

    Hamas' Claims: True or False? (Part 2)

  8. 383

    IDF Pinpoint Strike on Hamas Commander's Explosives-Laden House in Gaza

  9. 384

    Why Was Private Property and Infrastructure Harmed in Gaza?

  10. 385

    IDF Targets Hamas Building near Haniyeh's Residence

  11. 386

    Pillar Of Defense: Third Day Recap

  12. 387

    Fajr 5 - The Hamas Rocket That Threatens Millions of Israelis

  13. 388

    Hamas Test Running a UAV in Khan Yunis, Gaza

  14. 389

    Hamas' Claims: True or False?

  15. 390

    How Does Hamas Acquire Its Weapons?

  16. 391

    IAF Targeting Underground Rocket Launchers

  17. 392

    Israel Under Fire: Life in the South

  18. 393


  19. 394

    IDF Targeting Rocket Sites in Gaza

  20. 395

    Terrorists Firing Rockets from Civilian Areas in Gaza

  21. 396

    IDF Drops Warning Leaflets Over Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip

  22. 397

    What Gives Israel the Right to Defend Itself?

  23. IDF Aircraft Target Rockets Warehouse in Gaza

  24. 399

    How Does the IDF Minimize Harm to Palestinian Civilians in Gaza?

  25. 400

    IAF Targets Fajr Infrastructure in Gaza

  26. 401

    Hamas Hides Fajr-5 Rocket in Underground Launch Site in Gaza

  27. 402

    IDF Pinpoint Strike on Ahmed Jabari, Head of Hamas Military Wing

  28. 403

    Hamas Terrorists Firing Rockets on Israel from Houses in Gaza

  29. 404

    US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Visits Israel for AC12 Exercise

  30. 405

    Join the Flight - IDF Style

  31. 406

    IAF Interception of UAV in Israeli airspace

  32. 407

    IDF Chief Cantor Sings "Unetanneh Tokef"

  33. 408

    Israel Air Force Simulates Flying in Areas Under Constant Rocket Fire

  34. 409

    Learn How to Defend Yourself — IDF Style (Part 2)

  35. 410

    Happy Rosh Hashana from IDF Soldiers

  36. 411

    A Rosh Hashana Greeting from the IDF Chief of Staff

  37. 412

    IDF Stories: Louis Miller, Paratrooper

  38. 413

    Preparing for Battle: The Nahal Brigade's Reconnaissance Battalion

  39. 414

    20 Years of Israeli-Chinese Cooperation

  40. 415

    IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz Addresses Terror Attack on Israel-Egypt Border

  41. 416

    Terror Squad Infiltrating Israel from Egypt Targeted by IAF

  42. 417

    The Double Life Of An Outstanding IDF Athlete

  43. 418

    IDF Medical Delegation Arrives at Bulgaria Following Terror Attack

  44. 419

    IDF Navy Brings the Action to the Sea

  45. 420

    Our Heroes: IDF Soldiers in Action

  46. 421

    IDF Elite Counter Terrorism Unit Practices Rescuing Hostages

  47. 422

    IDF Stories: The Caracal Battalion's Final Test

  48. 423

    Becoming a Soldier: Nahal Brigade's Elite Training

  49. 424

    Israeli Army Druze Battalion

  50. 425

    Israel Air Force Targets Terrorist in Gaza, Prevents Rocket Attack on Israel

  51. 426

    The IDF Liberates Jerusalem: A Look Back

  52. 427

    US & Israeli Forces Hold Joint Emergency Rescue Drill

  53. 428

    Learn How To Defend Yourself: IDF Style

  54. 429

    64 Years of the Israel Defense Forces

  55. 430

    Hamas Spokesman Highlights Group's Strategic Ties With Iran

  56. 431

    Choose Which Will Be The Last Song of the IDF Chief Cantor's Next Album!

  57. 432

    COMEDS: NATO Medical Officers in Israel

  58. 433

    IDF's Campaign to Prevent Abductions

  59. 434

    IDF Boot Camp Officer Up Close and Personal

  60. 435

    The Launching of the Submarine INS Tanin

  61. 436

    Happy Independence Day!

  62. 437

    "Remember" - IDF Commemorates Memorial Day

  63. 438

    IDF Remembers Fallen Soldier Dan Talasnikov

  64. 439

    Happy Passover from IDF Soldiers

  65. 440

    تهنئة رئيس هيئة الأركان العامة بمناسبة حلول عيد الفصح

  66. 441

    IDF Chief of Staff's Passover Greeting

  67. 442

    IDF Bedouin Trackers Train Younger Generation

  68. 443

    IDF Month in a Minute - March 2012

  69. 444

    Rioters Hurling Firebombs at IDF Forces in Bethlehem

  70. 445

    Voice of Terror: Mushir al -Masri - Our Women's Blood is a Sacrifice for Al-Aqsa Mosque

  71. 446

    Palestinian and Israeli Farmers Participate in Joint Conference for Improvement of Gazan Economy

  72. 447

    IDF Elite Unit Combats Hamas Smuggling Tunnels

  73. 448

    Best Beatbox in the Field

  74. 449

    Compilation: Rocket Attacks Filmed by Civilians

  75. 450

    The Sound of Terror: 6 Rockets From Gaza Strike Ashdod

  76. 451

    PRC Spokesman Admits that Hamas Allows Attacks Against Israel

  77. 452

    Islamic Jihad Rocket Depot Targeted in Jabalya

  78. 453

    Targeting of a Weapon Facility in the Northern Gaza Strip

  79. 454

    Iron Dome Shoots Down Rockets from Gaza

  80. 455

    Pinpoint Targeting of a Hamas Weapon Manufacturing Facility

  81. 456

    Targeting of a Popular Resistance Committee Rocket Launching Site at El-Atatra

  82. 457

    Rocket Launch Squad Targeted

  83. 458

    Siren and Explosions in Ashdod Following Gaza Rocket Bombing

  84. 459

    Thwarted Attack on IDF Solder in Yatta Village

  85. 460

    IDF Celebrates International Women's Day 2012

  86. 461

    The IDF Salutes All the Women of the IDF- International Women's Day

  87. 462

    Ismail Haniyeh Lashes Out At Israel In Cairo

  88. 463

    Violent Palestinian Protesters Riot in Al-Ram, Northeast of Jerusalem

  89. 464

    Palestinian Farmers Attend Israeli Agricultural Exhibition

  90. 465

    Hamas' Leaders Threaten Israel and Allies with Destruction

  91. 466

    IDF Soldiers Wish You A Very Happy Valentine's Day

  92. 467

    Taglit Birthright Celebrates Tu Bishvat with the IDF

  93. 468

    IDF Month in a Minute - January 2012

  94. 469

    Anytime, Anywhere: IDF Soldiers Prepare For Any Future Threats

  95. 470

    Preparing the Next Generation- The Work of an IDF Emergency Situations Instructor

  96. 471

    One of World's Smallest Drones in Action

  97. 472

    Indictments Filed Against Terrorists Responsible for Gunfire Attack

  98. 473

    Lock and Load - The Work of an IDF Weapons Instructor

  99. 474

    Gen. Martin Dempsey and Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz Visit Yad VaShem Holocaust Memorial Museum

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