One Night From Forever 92





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Published on Apr 16, 2012

A-Amber: Her and Joe did the nasty

Selena: *rolls her eyes*

Nick: (cat fight?)

Selena: When you leavin again?

A-Amber: I thought i'd stay to help with Josh

Selena: Josh doesn't need your help

Nick: *whispers* down girl

Selena: i mean he's got us.

A-Amber: but you all work. I can be here 24/7

Selena" (kill me now) I took off.

A-Amber: and you can afford that?

Selena: Yes and i can do it all without calling my daddy for help.

A-Amber: Wow jealous much?

Selena: nahh i wouldn't waste my time on something so useless.

Nick: babe

A-Amber: *laughs* When is this nonstop hatred for me gonna end? i didn't ask Demi to name Amber after me.

Selena: That has nothing to do with you, she's always liked the name.

A-Amber: mhmm.

Selena: whatever.

Nick: *kisses Selena's cheek*

Trace: *walks in* Morning beautiful family.

Selena: What are you doing here. *smiles*

Trace: Jonas called me. Said it was a big day in Josh's treatment and he had to work. He wanted family to be around for a pick me up.

Nick: (brownie point for Joe! good)

Selena: good idea.

A-Amber: Is Miley coming too?

Trace: Yep i think the whole family is.

Nick: whole maybe that isn't such a great idea. Josh will be sad he can't play with everyone.

Trace" *lifts his bag* board games

Selena: Family game night *claps* Prefect!

Trace: *laughs*

Demi: *laying in Josh's bed with him while he sleeps* (after getting dressed i didn't feel like waiting to see when Josh would wake and come downstairs i just jumped in bed with him.)

Amber: *walks sleepy to Demi* mommy?

Demi: hey princess.

Amber: i had a bad dream

Demi: *opens her arms and lets Amber come lay with her and Josh* (Don't ask how all three of us fit on this twin size bed but we did and it was wonderful to hold my babies at the same time.)

Amber: Where daddy?

Demi: working

Amber: *smiles* He supermans

Demi: *laughs* yes he is. (Amber and Josh love that Joe was a firefighter she's a hero and they know that.)

Miley: what bread Joshua

Josh: white

Selena: Banana bear?

Amber: No

Demi: No thank you Amber. Manners

Amber: No thank you

Nick: Milk Lukas?

Josh: Where is Joe mommy?

Trace: you still call him Joe Josh?

Selena: Flip the eggs Nick my hands are full

Nick: you got it

Demi: Josh doesn't need to call Joe dad if he doesn't want too.

Josh: It doesn't sound good.

Nick: Good?

Amber: i love daddy

Demi: what do you mean Joshua?

A-Amber: Your daddy loves you too Amber. *pulls amber onto her lap and tickles her*

Josh: calling Joe dad sound funny.

Amber: It's his names Joshy

Josh: His name is Joe

Amber: Mommy's name is not mommy buts thats what we calls her.

Demi: if it sounds funny to you call Joe by his name. It's okay either way.

Selena: Miley watch out please. *carrying plates to the table*

Demi: Miley you talk to mom lately?

Selena: you care?

Miley: Whoa.

Demi: i think i might need a loan.

A-Amber: Aww Demi don't ask your parents.

Demi: why not they have the money. We don't and Josh needs this surgery more then i need my pride.

Liam: Dems you always can take a loan out from us.

Miley: YES yes yes you can.

Liam: are you surprised?

Miley: *whispers* well honey you said we were done.

Liam: Thats because Demi said she didn't want us to loan her money. I told you i was done you'd stop offering them to her.

Miley: Break out my check book

Demi: stop!

Miley: what?

Demi: I want to see if they'll do it. I want to see if they hate me that much that they'll refuse to pay for a lifesaving surgery.

Selena: Dems i don't think thats a good idea.

A-Amber: for once i agree with Selena.

Selena: (gosh i hate you)

Nick: Would your parents really deny something like that?

Trace: Our father? Yes

Demi: i can go public with it if he says no. He'd hate that.

Miley: do you really want all those news reporters showing up at your house just to get a picture of Josh?

Selena: the little boy the Lovato's wont help.

Josh: I'm not little

Selena No honey i'm talking about someone else (lying)

Josh: Oh

Demi: Sel where are mom and dad? i'll ask them.

Selena: It's monday dems they're working for your parents.

A-Amber: what does your mom do now that you all are out of the house?

Selena: *ignores Amber's question*

Miley: She does everything my mother needs her to do.

Trace: She's lucky she got assigned to mom. Dad would kill her.

Selena: I'd rather not think about your parents working mine to the bones thank you.

Demi: First thing i do if i win the lotto is get your parents out of that house.

Trace: *nods* true that.

Miley: *smirks at Liam*

Liam: Honey we do not have that kind of money.

Miley: your sure?

Liam: do you want a future?

Miley: *nods slowly*

Liam: Then forget it

Selena: god i wish i had your money.

Trace: *laughs*


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