1. Uncle Steve Says It's Fishing Time 2010

  2. Uncle Steve Hikes American Tobacco Trail At New Hill

  3. Uncle Steve Hikes Buckquarter Creek and Holden's Mill Trails

  4. Uncle Steve Hikes Dunnagan and Pea Creek Trails

  5. Who Is Roachenator?

  6. Uncle Steve Hikes Falls Lake Trail In Blue Jay Point Park

  7. Uncle Steve Hikes Harris Lake Peninsula Trail

  8. JOIN THE PARADE Figures In Cary NC

  9. Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition In Cary NC

  10. Green Hope School Marker In Cary NC

  11. Uncle Steve Hikes Occoneechee Mountain Loop

  12. Jim Belushi And DRIVE4COPD Come To Raleigh NC

  13. Uncle Steve Sees A Horse Carriage On Valentines Day

  14. Uncle Steve Visits The Remnant Of A Dam

  15. Kids' Day In The Woods

  16. Uncle Steve Plays In Pott's Branch

  17. Uncle Steve Hikes Loblolly Trail Raleigh NC

  18. Uncle Steve Visits Capitol Square Raleigh NC

  19. Window Technology On Glenwood Ave Raleigh NC

  20. Uncle Steve Sees No Snow Melt In Raleigh NC

  21. Uncle Steve Reports Snow In Raleigh NC

  22. Uncle Steve Hikes Sycamore Trail Redux

  23. Random Walk In Historic Oakwood Cemetery

  24. Uncle Steve Hooks Something Big

  25. Following Brake Lights Home

  26. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  27. Uncle Steve Snags His Way Down River part 1

  28. Uncle Steve Snags His Way Down River part 2

  29. Entrepreneurial Mobile Hand Wash And Detail

  30. Uncle Steve At 33 Degrees Gets Only Nibbles

  31. Uncle Steve Has No Luck Fishing

  32. Uncle Steve Sees A Steam Engine And Train

  33. Uncle Steve Fishes Cabe's Gorge Of Eno River

  34. Uncle Steve And Catfish Battle

  35. Uncle Steve Fishes The Eno River

  36. Uncle Steve Fishes In The Rain

  37. Steve Reports From Paradise

  38. Uncle Steve Fishes With The Yates Mill Ducks

  39. Uncle Steve Visits Rolling View 3 of 3

  40. Uncle Steve Visits Rolling View 2 of 3

  41. Uncle Steve Visits Rolling View 1 of 3

  42. Uncle Steve Can't Fish Here

  43. Uncle Steve Catches A Bluegill

  44. Uncle Steve Fools Himself Fishing

  45. Uncle Steve Goes To Grand Opening Of Trader Joe's in Raleigh NC

  46. Uncle Steve Plays Ham Radio In CQWWDX SSB Contest

  47. Uncle Steve Sees Big Bird Poop In The Woods

  48. Uncle Steve Takes His Ham Radio Outdoors

  49. Uncle Steve Catches a Crappie and Sees Big Bird

  50. Uncle Steve Catches A Channel Catfish

  51. 5th Annual 2009 Ray Price Bike Fest 2of2

  52. 5th Annual 2009 Ray Price Bike Fest 1of2

  53. Raleigh Greek Festival 2009 Dancing

  54. Dan Aykroyd promoting in Raleigh NC

  55. Uncle Steve scopes out the SMART car

  56. NC Keyhole Raleigh Farmers Market

  57. Landmark University Tower Durham NC

  58. Raleigh Farmers Market Fresh squeezed lemonade

  59. Twin Clowns

  60. President Obama is losing this debate

  61. Hey Obama! Grassroots Medicine Disagrees

  62. Waiting for Obama in Raleigh NC

  63. The Sauntering Professor at NCSU

  64. Bicycle Ramp Stunts at Ray Price Bike Fest

  65. Uncle Steve Checks Out Basic RC Camero

  66. Vietnam War Veterans Memorial Raleigh NC

  67. Tax Day Tea Party Raleigh NC 2009

  68. Signs at Tea Party Raleigh NC June 3rd 2009

  69. Hoola Hoop Dancing Challenge