Racial Profiling: Dictator Obama Legalizes ILLEGALS





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Published on Jun 25, 2012

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In today's video, Christopher Greene explains why President Obama is using dictatorial power in regards to his immigration policies.

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his job faces his own removal from his duties. Let's all give this Mud Hut Duck his one way ticket back to Kenya NOW! 
demise. Under the Constitution we have the right to recalling any politician accused of not performing to the job they took oath to doing while up holding our Constitution. I ask all self respecting American Citizens Now don't you think we should take the battle to Obama and his fowl crew of socialist pigs the legal way and restoring America to it's real greatness? We The People can and should force Obama to produce proof of eligibility by an act of Congress and any Congressman refusing to do
Obama better known to the Colored Community as the long legged big eared pencil necked Mac Daddy should be thinking about putting his track shoes on because he may need to make a run for it back to Kenya as the truth comes out. By now I hope all that have been watching what just went on in Wisconsin with the Walker recall are smart enough to have also noticed how it was done. Obama set the ground rules of engagement by declaring war on Scot Walker but in fact he also opened the door to his own 
Arche Nova
Obama is a Dick tater wanker! Our president is a stupid nigger who is merely obeying orders from the Jews who are running America. Every white nation is being destroyed and marginalized by Jewish immigration laws allowing non whites to invade our nations so it will be easier for the Jewish Banksters to control them. It's openly admitted by the Jews now that they are behind this while Israhell is an apartheid state to this day. Double standard hypocrisy wherever you look!
That's exactly true.However,we can't give up hope or we'll never achieve our goal.Some day soon our numbers will grow dramatically as the establishment is growing ever so arrogant and will show their tyrant self to millions if not billions.These clowns better have a great plan to achieve their goal or they are literally insane.Billions have got to be killed or convinced of this new UN takeover is a true way to govern.I sense billions will not agree with them.Revolution worldwide is near.Peace.
We had the opportunity for peace and freedom decades ago, but instead we accepted the "magic bullet theory", before that we accepted Pearl Harbor, before that....well, you get my point. This didnt start just 15 mins ago, though I know you're not saying that. We're so far down the road that imo you cant fix a system that is corrupt to the core and was established on forced labor. We noticed the corruption since the beginning, but said nothing because it benefited us. Now that it doesnt....well.
Criticalguy 09 Realization man
mainstream media cartoons and i know some fucking dumbass bastard piece of shits gonna try and say "oh your not fully away and have a subsconscious mind your still asleep u u fucking asshole piece of shit" to whoever person who says they they can literally go fuck off and burn in hell for all i give 2 shits and a fuck about sometimes AM alternative media stresses me out a little peace so i gotta take a break on it i watch anime too se ya sorry for the profanity christopher bye 
Criticalguy 09 Realization man
its definitly an issues that needs attention to be fixed on asap and me As a hispanic Latino american pissed the fucking shit outta me that the portions of the law were stilll legal to use this rule to dictate ppls live in Arizona im not too far from u cgreene34 since i live in LV (las vegas NV) im only like 6 or 8 hours away from u and their starting to practice those laws heres too =/ see ya oh and shoutout to the bronies pegasister and the my littlepony fans out there i know its consideredthe
also he is not giving all the facts about what obama passes he gave 2 years permit.
im in the same boat my friend is illegal and he fear that this legalization obama is doing is just a way to help count illegal population to get us all in fema camps
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