Pittsburgh State of Mind




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Published on Jan 18, 2011

Conceived, written, and performed by Michael E. Moats
Co-written and performed by Addi Twigg (of "Steeler Ladies" and "Steel Defense")
Recording, production, and video by Sean G. Donaldson (also of "Steeler Ladies" and "Steel Defense")

Yeah I'm out of South Side, right next to the river.
Now I live in Whitehall, but I'll be hood forever.

I'm the new Fred Rogers. Won't you be my neighbor?
I got neighbors anywhere. Yeah, they love me everywhere.

I used to shop at Isaly's. All of my babushka mamas.
Please take a number. Look! There's a sale on bananas.

Half a pound of chipped ham. Another half of Swiss cheese.
Catch me in the kitchen with my sister spreadin' mayo-neeze.

Cruising in South Park. Backwards Pirates cap.
Driving so slow, 'cause you know it's a speed trap.

Gonna ride the Thunderbolt, and eat Potato Patch fries.
Turn on WQED. They doin' a pledge drive.

Say what up to Henrietta Pussycat, say "Meow, meow."
And say "Woof, woof!" to Bob Dog, Mr Bob Trow.

When I'm at Heinz field, I yell at the referee
Tell by my attitude that I'm most definitely from...

Pittsburgh! (Allegheny!)
The Three Rivers where dreams are made of. (Monongahela!)
There's nothing yinz can't do! (Ohio!)
Now you're in Pittsburgh! (Aha. Aha. Aha.)
Get yourself an I.C. Light cold brew. (Woo!)
The fireworks inspire you. (Zambelli!)
Let's hear it for Pittsburgh! Picks-burgh! Blitz-burgh!
(I made ya hot, Yinzer!)

Catch me with my barf-bag down at the Pirates game.
Jeez oh man, I pitch better than most Pirates can.

You should know I bleed Black and I also bleed Gold.
I remember when the Pirates were good 'cause I'm old.

Poison's Bret Michaels, singin' in a glam band.
Michael Keaton was Tim Burton's Batman.

Yellow Cab, Checker Cab, Classy Cab, Peoples Cab.
Foreigners all confused because they don't see a single cab.

Go to Club Erotica to see broads naked.
Or go to Mancini's and get bread where they bake it.

Stephen Foster and Gene Kelly.
To give directions, I mention where things used to be.

Pitt and CMU. No, we ain't no dopes.
Super Bowl parades. Rest in peace, Myron Cope.

Statue of Caliguiri. Long live the inclines.
Long as I got a can of pop, I'm feeling fine when I'm in...

Pittsburgh! (Aw Yeah!)
From Cranberry down to Munhall. (Near West Mifflin!)
Slow Down in the Tunnel. (Hit the brakes now!)
If you are from Pittsburgh! (Aha. Aha. Aha.)
Yinz can go down to the Casino, (Rivers!)
And hug Dan Marino (Number 13!)
Yeah, Dan is from Pittsburgh! Picks-burgh! Blitz-burgh!

Donnie Iris, singin' "Ah, Leah!"
Joe Grushecky and Cristina Aguilera.

Gino Malkin and Sidney Crosby.
George Romero making movies 'bout zombies.

Some things in this town were kind of silly.
Like Chiller Theater with your host, Chilly Billy.

Hanging in Oakland, eating fries at the 'O'.
Beer costs an extra buck 'cause of Dan Onorato.

Mommy took a bus trip to Monroeville Mall.
But the route was cut by Lil' Luke Ravenstahl.

Get yourself a sammich at Primanti's.
Capicola 'n egg 'n fries 'n slaw on bread with cheese.

Head to the Funny Bone to see some comedians.
Or go to the Warhol to see pictures of soup cans.

Brand new arena! Two new stadiums!
Welcome to Pittsburgh, the City of Champions!

Pittsburgh! (Allegheny!)
The Three Rivers where dreams are made of. (Monongahela!)
There's nothing yinz can't do! (Ohio!)
Now you're in Pittsburgh! (Aha. Aha. Aha.)
Go to Peppi's and buy a hoagie. (Yum!)
And eat some pierogies. (Mrs. T's!)
Let's hear it for Pittsburgh! Picks-burgh! Blitz-burgh!

One hand in the air for the Steel City.
From Mt. Washington it looks pretty.
No place in the world brings more joy.
Wave your towels in the air, everybody say "Yoi! Yoi!" (Yoi!)
"Yoi! Yoi!" (Double Yoi!)

The Three Rivers where dreams are made of.
There's nothing yinz can't do.
Now you're in Pittsburgh!
Kennywood will make you feel brand new.
Hey, Troy Polamalu!
Let's hear it for Pittsburgh! Picks-burgh! Blitz-burgh!


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