Occupy Oakland Protesters Seize and Burn American Flag at City Hall - 28 Jan 2012 - 7:15 PM #OO





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Published on Jan 29, 2012

Protesters entered City Hall and removed several items, including office furniture and apparently some documents. An American flag taken from inside was ignited on the front steps around 7:15 PM.

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Burning a flag like that only grants a meaning to that flag that it does not deserve. The symbolic rag of a country has no meaning to me whatsoever. Folks concerned with the flag are free to fly it, burn it, or twist it six ways and shove it up their ass.
David Sebelius
Right wingers are cowards, they are dragging America into the ground. 
Flags are nothing but rags. Real and good things like the US Constitution were long ago desecrated and destroyed by the same type of goons who love to wave flags. Only problem I have with burning a flag is that to do so requires a minor effort that no flag is worth.
Mitch Maxwell
I was a soldier for 8 years. And to be fair I understand why so many are so angry. But until you have put your life on the line for an ungreatful country you won't understand. You won't understand that we few hold that flag as our own... it holds our hope and the blood of our brothers and sisters. We fought with them and some of us died for it. And you disrespect us and them when it is burned.
Robert Warnock
Hippie scum
Blue Lives Splatter :D
Burn that piece of tyrannical shit.
Jasper Williams
People who claim they don't support this, but, think it's okay to do it, are NO DIFFERENT than those who burn the flag! We're fast approaching the day when REAL U.S. citizens who understand WHY WE EXIST, start fighting back. Our immoral, homosexually infiltrated government has lost control of the situation and no longer understand their role in all this. When that fighting back begins, 1776 will look like a spitball fight, & the criminal, illegal immigration & love of sodomy will self subside
The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Thomas Jefferson 
Go travel outside the U.S. for a few years, then come back and see if your perception has changed. Yes, you will be alarmed and disgusted at how shallow our culture can be and how materialistic we are, but you will also be amazed at how high our standard of living is. These kids who say "fuck the system" and burn flags are the same ones you see sitting downtown in every trendy West Coast city begging for change and collecting food stamps. 
Wonder how many of these people receive food stamps or other government benefits? In America even someone like me (who by american standards is considered "poor") still have a roof over their head that doesn't leak, their own kitchen with a refrigerator, indoor plumbing, clean drinking water, and a police force that, while still sometimes abusing their power, is MUCH less corrupt than those in developing countries. 
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