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Published on Dec 8, 2008

ok, so the song is in honor of me going to an 80's dance on friday. Because it's called 80's Prom. So, ANYWAYS!!!

David: Are you guys together, you know, like a couple? now?

Nat&Allie: *look at eachother* ummmmm...

Nat: Well, ACTUALLY. I wrote this song...because I knew no other way to ask you, Allie. So, uh, here it goes...
I've got a question
For you.
I've got a question
*faces allie*
Do you looove mee?

Allie: *Shocked*

Nat: oh, uh, nevermind. Sorry, it was a stupid song anywa-

Allie:*singing* yaahhhh

Nat: *Smiles, then sings*

Oh I said
Do you LOVE me?

Allie: yaahhh

Nat: *Grabs Allie into a hug and kisses her*

DAvid: Woa! Alot just happened in those few minutes!

Nat&Allie: *giggle*

nat: Yah, well I have to thank you man.

David: For what?

Nat: with out you barging in like that I probably would of never gotten up the courage to ask her.

David: So it's a good thing that I ran in on you guys kissing?!

Nat: For this time.

David: GREAT! oh, and you guys are off time out now.

Nat: *winy voice awwweee...

Allie: *giggles* You enjoy being stuck in your room by MS.David?!

David: HEY!

Nat: If I'm with you.

Allie: *pushes him*

Nat: Hey! What was that for?!

Allie: For being too sweet!

Nat: Do I have to have another time out?

Allie: *mischievious smile* maybe...

Nat: Nooooooo! *picks her up and throws her over his shoulder, then brings her down stairs.*

Allie: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

David: Hey wait up for me! *runs after them*

~After a while the band&Annabelle are watching soap operas. David has his arm around Annabelle and Nat has his over Allie. And everyone else is just scattered around.~

Annabelle: *wispering to David* hey, you wouldn't happened to have a part in the reason why nat has his arm over Allie, would you?

David: *wispering to Annabelle* They're going out now.

Annabelle: *wispering* Yah! I get that.
but, what I'm wondering is if you meddled when I told you not to?!

David: *Wispering* uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...OK! I did, but nat thanked me! because he wouldn't have gotten up the nerve to ask her if I didn't say anything! So it's a good thing, i swear!

Annabelle: *Wispering* Really?...

David: yep!

Annabelle: thanks.

David: I-wait. thanks?

Annabelle: yah, thanks for FINALLY getting them together. I've tried EVERYTHING! but all they needed was a time out! *giggles*

David: *giggles*

Thomas: Hey what are you birds giggling about over there?!

Alex: You forgot the love part before birds, thomas.

Thomas: nah, if I say the "L" word David will hit me. So I just say birds now.

Alex: yah, but Nat won't hit me. SO what are you 2 love birds doing over there?! Nat and Allie?!...why isn't he saying anything?

Thomas: he's too busy looking at Rosalina sleep on his shoulder!

Nat: ROSALINA?! where?!

Thomas: dude! I was just saying Allie's name in the show. Why? Do you actually know somebody named Rosalina?!

Nat: ummmmmmmmmm...

What will Nat say? Did Allie hear that? Does Alex know this Rosalina chick? Is she real?

Find out in...the nbb ep.23!!! CHOW!!!


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