Two Loves One Choice S2E1





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Published on Oct 23, 2011

Nick stood in the small hospital room holding his new born baby girl in his arms "You are so beautiful" he spoke softly to her "I cant believe how much she looks like you Demi" He turned and smiled at her; she was sitting upright in her bed
"Are you kidding me? No she doesn't she's your double" Nick walked towards her and handed Demi their baby
"You think" Demi nodded and fixed the blanket that was wrapped around her "you know she doesn't have a name yet" Nick sat up on the bed and wrapped his arm around Demi who was staring lovingly at her baby girl
"Yeah your right, what name do you think suits her?" They both stared at their sleeping baby "What about Diane?"
"No" Nick protested "Jade?"
"No, Sarah?"
"Nah it's too main stream. What about Odette?"
Demi raised her eyebrow at Nick "Odette?" Nick nodded and smiled
"It's unique and not main stream"
"It's weird she is not being called Odette" After a few arguments about names they had both ran out of ideas "I never thought picking the names would be so difficult"
"Tell me about it" Nick stared at her then a name came to his mind "Amelia"
Demi smiled and looked down at her "Rae, Amelia Rae" Nick smiled and leaned in kissing Demi on the head and then Amelia "I love it"

The happiness soon ended when Taylor and Miley entered the room. Both of them had dark circles round their red eyes, you could obviously tell they had been crying. Miley had tried to pull herself back together but Taylor never and he still had tiers running down his cheeks "Hey, How's Alyson doing?" Demi asked and handed Amelia to Nick "Put her in the cot will you Nick took her and placed her into the plastic cot at the end of the hospital bed.
"Nick your mum wants to see you" Miley said and walked over to the coat to sneak a peak at Amelia
"Yeah I will go just tell me how Aly is first" He looked at Taylor and could tell something was wrong
"Just go your mum needs you" Nick scanned the room none all of them were avoiding his eye contact
"Okay were is she?"
"Room 34 Ward 18" Nick looked at Demi who nodded as a signal for him to leave so he did.

"Taylor come here" Demi opened her arms and motioned him to come to her "I just pushed baby through my vagina don't you think I deserve a hug?" A small smile appeared on his face and he walked to her and embraced her in a hug "Everything's going to be okay" Taylor just smiled shyly and whipped his eyes
"Anyway let me see this little girl of yours" Taylor let go of Demi and walked next to the cot "She's gorges Demi" Demi smiled politely at them both as they leaned over looking in at the baby but all she could think about was Alyson and how Nick was coping .

Slowly nick made his way to Alyson's room. As he walked thousands of things that could have happened to his baby sister circled in his mind, everything from death to commas crosses his mind as he prepared himself for the worse. As he walked down the narrow hallway about to pass the reception he head a familiar voice coming from behind him, he turned and looked to see a tall blond figure at the desk screaming at a receptionist "Will you just tell me where she is I have a right to know she's my sister" Nick moved round to try and get a glimpse of the girl when she turned and they made eye contact, It was Tay Demi's sister "Taylor what are you doing here?"
"Nick" she ran and hugged him completely ignoring his question "Thank god where's Demi?"
"Why should I tell you?" he crossed his arms and raised his eye brow "After all you did almost kill your niece and didn't you say you wanted nothing to do with her? So why should I tell you?" Tay looked down at the floor and stuttered "Are you going to answer me?"
"I know I haven't been the best person in the world these past months but I can change" Her eyes started to puff up "I love Demi and I want to be apart of your babies life. Can you please give me a chance?" He stood for moment thinking back to everything that had happened the past months "Room 367"
"Thank you so much Nick" Taylor tried to give him a hug but he stepped back and pushed his hand out
"This doesn't mean I forgive you, If it was my choice you would never be aloud in my babies life but I cant do that Demi. So don't think I have forgiven you cause will never forgive you" Nick gave her a glare then wondered in the opposite direct heading to Alyson's room


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