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Published on Nov 13, 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD PLEASE SHARE~all music off Youtube from redhooknoodles, and Rolling stones "sympathy for the devil" at the end; Parental discretion Advised.

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Aaron Wes
We need to wake up to the truth before it is too late for mankind. For an accurate explanation of the ultimate truth, g0 t0 TruthContest : c0m and open )The Present.(
Those of you who seem to be aware that there is actually a problem with our being controlled by others seem to miss a very enormous factor. OBAMA is a PUPPET, he doesn't control ANYTHING except his own bowels. Stop pointing your finger at the damn PUPPET. Those who control things are NOT in the public eye to be voted for or more hopefully, shot.  The rest of you, keep on voting for more politicians who don't give a damn about you and see if it helps. Hasn't helped yet. It's the Republicans fault! It's the Democrat's fault! It's all those damn Liberal's! It's those Conservatives! It's the Libertarians! It's the Tea Party! When are you close minded fucks going to realize that these greedy, power hungry, soulless freaks have you all chasing your tails?! THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT US! We are disposable! There seems to be no end to their source of new slaves to brainwash. Their "approval ratings" are of no concern to them! When we all decide it's time to stop lubing up and bending over, then and ONLY then will they stop SCREWING us with this big red, white and blue COCK! Oh, and stop waiting for some magic man to come down from the sky and save you! We must save ourselves from this madness and none of us can do it alone!
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Joey A. Bigapinni
Well put my friend, and....."Evolve, Cro-Magnon?" lol classic
Julius Moe-nstar
nothing is pretty but it is there
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You fucking christians are so diluted! Give me a fucking break,GOD does not want you to be on your fucking knees! He wants you to stand the fuck up,& FIGHT! You stupid meek motherfuckers,if I catch you out in the battlefield praying when we need to advance,I'll shot you my goddamn self!
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My momi loves it. lol
Catalin Florentin
It is something wrong with your face. I think you need some plastic surgery, you  look like a monster.
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The new world order will not involve a religion (of a god). Inevitably it will be a nature sustaining one world government system where no part of the environment will be altered, manipulated or overexerted without severe tax penalties and so on.. if your even able to at all that is. A thing you might of heard "Sustainable Development" is government speak for mass control of populations, look at Agenda 21 for proof. The use of religion which was a way to control populations (hence why there are hundreds of religions) in the past is no longer necessary as the science of control has evolved thus making religion obsolete. Out of the chaos of the 20th century comes the forced order of the 21st and we are all being forced one law at a time without realising it!!
you are as wrong as you could possibly be. read the georgia guidestones. there are the rules for the new world order, there will be a religion and it will be satanism.
Master Bucks
Spot on! and well said.
Oh I'm in the crazy part of Youtube again and I didn't bring my tinfoil hat
david nierenburg
Cheryl Wilson
Don't know much about American politics, but if you ask me, when you elect actors into government, you really blur the lines! And at one time I foolishly thought it was just Reagan, Eastwood, and Bono. But I am now convinced that every single politician is reading the same script.
Ashley Cameron
It's interesting to see different peoples veiws and worldveiws. Some believe that obama is the anti-christ and his "health care plan" is the mark of the beast. Some believe that the world is just hurting right now and just needs sometime time to bunce back. Others believe that there is going to be some type of major event that will change the world forever. Like a metor crashing to earth or a solar flar that wipes out the grid. Earthquakes that cause large bodys of land to fall into the sea and flood many coastal lands. I've heard people say that there aleins among us and that they can shapeshift and that they are running the world. Some say there is going to be a alein attack. Some believe in a mixture of these things may happen. Some say its only a matter of time before we meet our end. Ask yourself how did you come to this veiw. How reliable are your sources? How can you be 100% or 60% sure your on the right track? What makes your belief true? Its easy to say people believe without hard concrete proof, they do it everyday. But why? What drives them to want the truth and to come up with all of these differnent veiws without concrete proof? Its easy to let this world consume you. This world has been darkend by the destroyer and the proof of that is your belief. A day of judgement will come and on that day many see their error and bend their knee to the Lord of host. This I know for sure because my God tells us what's going to happen before it happens. And it has been written so it will come to pass. 
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Nakor Z
+omenofsedad No one knows because no such garbage exists. There has been 2,000 years worth of generations of Christians, and every single generation, including those who wrote the bible themselves, believed Christ would come back within their lifetime. There has been at least 10 different doomsday predictions that I've seen within my life time and I'm only in my twenties. Religion is intellectual bankruptcy. No one with the slightest understanding of history, psychology or the scientific method could possibly be seduced by such bollocks.
Nakor Z
/facepalm.  You go on about wondering why they believe it absolutely, then follow up with your own brand of religious garbage that is every bit as insane as aliens, shapeshifters, etc. At least aliens make sense.  My only belief is that I'm surrounded by people who are mindbogglingly retarded - you and your ilk are the proof. 
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Sarah Gold
 Obamcare is mark of the Beast 666 system don't sign up for it because you will be doomed the Obamacare system is like a spider web waiting to get people who don't know the book of revelation into the system to loss their soul to HELL. Don't take it!!!
Were did u get this information from?
obama  is just a clown puppet  taking orders from evil  dick heads who have all the money,but it isn,t enough for them. judgement will come to all of them, believe it or not
leon gomes
patriotism /religions and money are wrong . all of it is to make differences between people , and cause WAR
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