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Published on Jan 1, 2010

*** VLC-019 ***
** This TextMovie is a Learning Module created for Vasundhara Life Coaching, and is a part of the Vasudhara Life-coaching Course-work. Everyone is allowed to use it so long as it is done in order to move towards "Peace in Every Heart" **

It has a scan of the 99 names of Allah, swt. Allah is the arabic name for God, the Almighty. The translations of Asmaehusna are taken from various sources listed in credits at the end. The orchid photographs are downloaded from the Internet. The middle-eastern sounding music used is actually a Hamd, using no musical instrument, other than the human voice-box. It has been rendered by Mohammed Owais Raza Qadri. It was downloaded from his web-site. Since this segment is approx 5-minutes, it has been repeated once.

Thanks to all copyright holders (for allowing this without explicit permissions, if any were required). Everything is used here only in the service of God (Remember Allah = Al-Ilah = The Divinity = Ishwar = God).

The 99 beautiful names (Esma el-husna) of Allah, which are taken from the Qur'an are:
Ar-Rahman (The Compassionate), Ar-Raheem / Rahim (The Merciful), Al-Malik (The Sovereign Lord), Al-Quddoos / Quddus (The Holy), As-Salaam / Salam (The Source of Peace), Al-Mu'min (The Guardian of Faith), Al-Muhaimin (The Protector), Al-Azeez / Aziz (The Mighty), Al-Jabbar (The Compeller), Al-Mutakabbir (The Majestic), Al-Khaliq (The Creator), Al-Bari (The Evolver), Al-Musawwir / Musavvir (The Fashioner), Al-Ghaffar (The Great Forgiver), Al-Qahhar (The Subduer), Al-Wahhab (The Bestower), Al-Razzaq (The Sustainer), Al-Fattah (The Opener), Al-Aleem / Alim (The Omniscient), Al-Qabid (The Retainer), Al-Basit (The Expander), Al-Khafid (The Abaser), Ar-Rafi / Rafey (The Exalter), Al-Muiz (The Honorer), Al-Muthil (The Dishonorer), As-Samee / Sami (The Hearer), Al-Baseer / Basir (The All-Seeing), Al-Hakam (The Judge), Al-Adl (The Just), Al-Lateef / Latif (The Gracious), Al-Khabeer / Khabir (The Aware), Al-Haleem / Halim (The Clement), Al-Azeem / Azim (The Great One), Al-Ghafoor (The Forgiving), Ash-Shakoor (The Appreciative), Al-Aliy / Ali (The Sublime), Al-Kabeer / Kabir (The Most Great), Al-Hafeez / Hafiz (The Preserver), Al-Muqeet / Muqit (The Sustainer), Al-Haseeb / Hasib (The Reckoner), Aj-Jaleel / Jalil (The Beneficent), Al-Kareem / Karim (The Generous One), Ar-Raqeeb / Raqib (The Watchful), Al-Mujeeb / Mujib (The Responsive), Al-Wasi / Vasi (The All-Embracing), Al-Hakeem / Hakim (The Wise), Al-Wadood / Wadud / Vadud / Vudud / Wudud (The Loving), Al-Majeed / Majid (The Glorious), Al-Baith (The Reserrector), Ash-Shaheed / Shahid (The Witness), Al-Haqq / Haq (The Truth), Al-Wakeel / Wakil / Vakeel / Vakil (The Trustee), Al-Qawiyy / Qawi / Qavi / Kavi (The Strong), Al-Mateen / Matin (The Firm One), Al-Waliyy / Wali / Vali (The Supporter), Al-Hameed / Hamid (The Praiseworthy), Al-Muhsee / Muhsi (The Counter), Al-Mubdi (The Originator), Al-Mueed / Muid (The Reproducer), Al-Muhyi (The Restorer), Al-Mumeet / Mumit (The Destroyer), Al-Hayy / Hai (The Alive), Al-Qayyoom (The Self-Subsisting), Al-Wajid / Vajid (The Finder), Al-Wahid / Vahid (The Unique), Al-Ahad (The One), As-Samad (The Independent), Al-Qadir / Kadir (The Able), Al-Muqtadir (The Powerful), Al-Muqaddim / Mukaddim (The Expediter), Al-Muakhkhir (The Delayer), Al-Awwal / Avval (The First), Al-Akhir (The Last), Az-Zahir (The Manifest), Al-Batin (The Hidden), Al-Walee / Wali (The Governor), Al-Mutaali (The Most Exalted), Al-Barr (The Righteous), At-Tawwaab / Tavvab (The Relenting), Al-Muntaqim (The Avenger), Al-Afuww (The Pardoner), Ar-Rauf (The Compassionate), Malik Al-Mulk (The Eternal Owner of Sovereignty), Thul-Jalali wal-Ikram (The Lord of Majesty and Bounty), Al-Muqsit (The Equitable), Aj-Jami (The Gatherer), Al-Ghani (The Self-Sufficient), Al-Mughni (The Enricher), Al-Mani (The Preventer), Ad-Darr (The Distresser), An-Nafi / Nafey / Nafe (The Propitious), An-Noor / Nur (The Light), Al-Hadi (The Guide), Al-Badi (The Incomparable), Al-Baqi (The Everlasting), Al-Warith / Waris (The Supreme Inheritor), Ar-Rasheed / Rashid (The Guide to the Right Path) & As-Saboor / Sabur (The Patient).

owais vasundhara owaisvasundhara قرآن الله कुरान अल्लाह kuran


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