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Published on Dec 2, 2018

To share All Chapters of this Karaoke Gita please memorize this link: http://www.bit.ly/SingGita [karaoke gita, playlist of all chapters] or click the white " i " in the top right of the video screen, then select '29 videos'

This video begins with: How to slow down playback speed in YouTube - low quality sample.
[{ When viewed on mobile apps, sometimes the speed option is missing. In that case, click the 3-dots-menu at the top and select 'View Desktop Site'. Then you will see the controls just like in the video above. }]

Or, in YouTube App, touch the video window frame, then three dots appear at top right. Click that and option to change Playback Speed will be shown.

After 'How-To-Slow-Down' comes a DEMO VID of Chapter 12 of the Gita already slowed down to speed 0.75 (i.e. 75% of normal speed)

The complete Karaoke Gita playlist will auto play after this demo slow vid if we use this link: http://www.bit.ly/kgita12slow
OR . click the 'i' in the top right of the video, then click '28 videos'

To access all the chapters of the Gita in a convenient playlist, please click the 'i' in the top right of the YouTube video screen, then click on the 28 videos playlist. Thank you very much.

Courtesy of

http://www.bit.ly/GJI-join - Please do join our international network for sharing [and creating] lots of Gita resources and creating more innovative Gita formats in all languages of the world!


Happy Gita Singing and Happy Gita Jayanti / Guru Purnima.
[ This year's date for GJ: Tues. 18th Dec, 2018; & next year's Guru Purnima: Tues. 16th July, 2019. All future dates: http://www.bit.ly/gjdate or Register your interest by clicking on the STAR in FB events for the date that may suit you - http://www.bit.ly/GJIeventslinks ]

Gita Jayanti International is a powerful Platform for Hindu Unity
- http://www.bit.ly/HindusUnited

Join us - LET THE WHOLE WORLD sing the whole Gita twice a year -
July Guru Purnima &
December Gita Jayanti
A. - live at Kurukshetra & at Angkor Wat respectively

Register your interest by clicking the STAR in the FB Event which date suits you - http://www.bit.ly/GJIeventslinks
How to travel to these exotic destinations: http://www.bit.ly/GJItraveltips

B. - Join us online via http://www.bit.ly/GJI-live

C. - Singalong at least a chapter of the Gita on these two holy days to gain great blessings and benedictions,
wherever you are at any time - All the resources you may need to singalong easily - http://www.bit.ly/gjdownloads or http://www.bit.ly/kgitadownloads [video] or
http://www.bit.ly/mp3gita (MP3 audio) or
http://www.bit.ly/pdfgita (PDF slides, highly simplified format)

And here you can find the Gita verses in 10 major Indian languages - http://www.bit.ly/TenGitas
NOW ANYONE CAN SING THE GITA - slowly, melodiously, patiently! What is the rush? ;-)

Hare Krishna


An important message to all educated Hindus: do something to Save Your Neighbourhood Temples -

~~ Gita Jayanti is coming!!! Have you activated your local neighbourhood temple yet??? Only 15 days remain - we CAN do it - get every single Hindu we know to EXERCISE his/her powerful faith in Mother Gita and Her spiritual wisdom. Just see how with this single URL, we can empower EVERYONE to easily sing at least one chapter of the Gita.

If you believe in the purity of Mother Gita, I humbly fall at your feet, and clasping them tightly, I beg you - please help me work hard to distribute this great mercy - sit with local temple priests and sing a chapter with them - www.bit.ly/kgita12slow

{Wherever we are at any time on GJ & GP day, recite the Gita - Here are *all* the resources needed to singalong easily:
- http://www.bit.ly/gjdownloads or
- http://www.bit.ly/kgitadownloads (video) or
- http://www.bit.ly/mp3gita (MP3 audio) or
- http://www.bit.ly/pdfgita (PDF slides, highly simplified format) }

And being thus inspired, please, invite all neighbourhood children to sing a chapter or 2 every day from today.. then on Tues 18th Dec (this year's Gita Jayanti Day), let your temple come to life with singing of Mother Gita (or chanting or reciting or reading, as you like - but let not one of us miss honouring our Mother on Her birthday!) Gita Mata ki.... JAYA!

Your humble servant,

Dina A Das,
Gita Jayanti International
& Gita Jayanti Singapore
www.bit.ly/HindusUnited ~~


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