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Published on Dec 16, 2011

Just some clips taken over the past couple of weeks whilst either out on a lesson or on the way into work. The learner car at the end wasn't the driver's fault, the driving instructor should have anticipated and corrected him earlier. Look CAREFULLY at 2:46 where the car is making a smooth movement into lane 1, then makes a SHARP, SUDDEN jerk into lane 2. To see the non-specific lane markings here, Google this.. 52°56'47.87" N 1°07'50.66" W


People thinking texting whilst stationary... http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotati...


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Captain Rambunctious
It's a pity that you have to put so many disclaimers against haters. This video is a perfect example of some of the appalling driving and lack of attention to the rules and regulations of the road that happen all the time. Keep it up old boy! :-)
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It shocks me just how many people I see on the road on their phones!
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In that last clip, how in the hell can you think it's ok to cross 2 lanes on the bend of the island ? Everything in me tells me you should have been in the same lane as the red car and the leaner. If not, then at least change one lane, and then use the 100 yards or so to get over. I would have a problem with anyone, car, bike or bus if they crossed two lanes infront of me going around an island. If that's the law now and if that's the way people are being taught, it's no wonder there's so much shit on the roads. That sort of maneuver is what causes a rear ender 10 cars behind whilst the culprits continue totally oblivious. But all you're worried about is finding a way to have a honk at a fellow instructor and fuck everyone behind you for having to stamp on the brake pedal. Terrible instruction, and you have the cheek to accuse your fellow instructor in the car ? His learner must have been shitting himself seeing a string of bikes swerving over from the inside of the island straight toward his door. You don't even consider the difficulty of steering a car and keeping within the white lines on an island when learning...it's not quite as easy as riding a bike mate, you should know this. That car was never meant to cross into lane 1 in the first place, he wasn't turning hard enough to stay in 2 and was probably corrected by his instructor who most likely would have expected a little bit more help from his 2 wheeled buddy. But how many white lines are your guys crossing in one maneuver ? that's my worry. Sorry for the rant, I'm sure you're good at your job but I feel that consideration on the road works both ways.
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0:52 he was on his phone not looking at the road, but you were looking at him for 3 seconds. 2 wrongs and such
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Why is this bloke driving so slowly round the roundabout? [White van at  00:42] Maybe because he has clocked the impatient motorcyclist aiming to enter the roundabout on a wet road, and is preparing to STOP rapidly if that biker goes for it and looses control, and then falls off right in front of him? Just maybe?
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Ofir Golan
I think all texters should be shot at the side of the road. at the U.S we got rear ended at a traffic light, and the bastard didn't even slow down because he was busy with his phone.
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Super-Moto Tiers UK
hahah 1:08 that caught red handed face :)
Why did you shake your head at someone pushing buttons on their electronics device when they where stationary in a traffic jam?
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I'm going to make a bold statement here.  The rider who had to stop on the mini roundabout wasn't at fault - not in the eyes of an insurance company anyway. I speak from experience. The car driver has to give right of way to the right - irrespective of whether the rider was on the junction or past it. I was hit by a car a few years ago whilst on a mini roundabout like this one. The driver hit me approaching from the right and wasn't even on the roundabout before me. They drove straight over the roundabout and hit me side on (they were speeding but this couldn't be proven). I think you'd find that if this had turned into an accident then the insurance company would pay out towards the rider. 
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Ok, texting and driving is very bad and dangerous. But texting while standing still at a traffic light is not that bad as you make it to be. Don't be snobby.
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