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Published on Aug 27, 2010

Does Team Ninja treat Samus right?

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Phoenix Wright
-Epic Story (except it's terrible) -Great throwback (Throwback to what? This is the first 2D/3D mixed Metroid game ever) -Intense action (would be better if controls were more refined, seriously we can't use a nunchuck?) -Clunky (YUPP)
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Gets a minus because they are old games... 😕😢
MisterFreezy Pop
Phoenix Wright Well.... not everyone shares "YOUR" opinions
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Daniel johnson
I feel like the only person who actually really liked this game.
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Carlos Zambrana
Daniel johnson ME TOO
Mike Higgs
I liked it just didnt like the Hard mode cause that was stupid having no power ups
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BHM Productions
I love this game. I do agree, they got out of hand with the story, but is pretty damn emotional and epic. The gameplay was addicting!
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Lost Folklorist
+Matthew Kearley no there not "shitting on the metroid series" you guys who hate it is shitting on the metroid series.
+Matthew Kearley a meme of me crapping on metroid lol Youtube doesn't let me meme :'(
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This game is absolute shit. I can't believe it was ever made, and it is, in fact, the only metroid game I don't like.
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therealkylerkeuning _
ShadowDragoFoC I see replies on here, not looking at his comment date. HELLO? This was posted 3 years before. Saying "what about federation force" is just unbelievable. Look at the facts, MPFF came out in 2016, this comment came out in 2014. Don't be lazy people! Edit: Ryan I am talking about you
Brian Herrera
You mean to tell me you think the Metroid 2 remake is the worst Metroid? Rofl you're another level of stupid.
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Callum Hurley
I feel like I'm the only one that loves this game. Yes the story and monotone portrayal of Samus sucks, but the gameplay is very fun. I don't mind not having a nunchuk, I like the controls, I REALLY like the gameplay and fact is I had fun. That's what matters. My only issues; you can't pause or skip the cutscenes on first playthrough and you can't move in first person.
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Samuel Rw
Callum Hurley i found the exploration very empty in this game.
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Captain Aardvaark
"An engaging script that's well acted." You guys lost a lot of credibility right there.
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Diego Moreira
+Diego Moreira the game is rad, tough.
Diego Moreira
+Diego Moreira and the script is a whole other pile of garbage.
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Yuri Ridley
Epic Story my ass
samus dude.
The Motivated Geek/ Aaron D. Brickhouse
All I hear is crap about this game. "It's shit", "It's crap", "Voice acting is terrible", "Samus should never be a voiced character", "the story is atrocious" blah blah blah. Why shouldn't one of gaming's biggest leading ladies have a voice and backstory? I love the metroid games. Though my first was metroid: fusion, being I was only born in 1994, I love the series. I wanted to give other M a try but had doubts because of all the criticism. Well, doubts gone after finding 3 positive reviews of the game.
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Ryan The Retro Gamer
Simeon Satire the story would be good if it wasn't Samus... I mean THIS STORY DOESN'T WORK WELL WITH THE GAMES OF THE PAST!!!! If it was another character it would be fine... BUT THEY MADE GAMING'S STRONGEST FEMALE CHARACTER SEEM WEAK!!!
Out of fashion? Poorly writen? Explain andd also explain why a company would persist that, like you said, is "out of fashion"?
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Its a good game. The haters are just a vocal minority. Shout loud enough and you fool people into thinking it's the voiced consensus. It's not. Its just angry videogame nerds with nothing else to do but hate. Im glad the journalist and professional reviews can tell it like it is. Its a good GAME. By modern game standarfs it plays well, looks and sounds well produced. Anything beyond that is purely subjective. 
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Ryan The Retro Gamer
Gambit2483 the people who are fans Metroid ever sense Metroid Prime 2 and before hate this game because of the story.... the main reason is: being scared of Ridley which she has defeated many times before without being afraid at all!!!! And Other M made Samus where her character is like a scared teenage girl that just happens to be a bounty hunter....
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Doctor Cragmire
IGN, What are you thinking?  Samus' portrayal in this game is awful and the gameplay strays too far from anything Metroid.
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Lion Dano
Other M > you're opinion. Wrecked. Game Over.
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