Ron Paul leaves News Anchor speechless: Morning Joe gets hit with a Truth Bomb





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Published on Jan 20, 2012

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Comments • 29

Red Menace
Ron Paul should never have to lower his IQ for anyone asking him a question. He should of just got up and left. But at the same time he wants people to understand his views. Good man.
I lost it when I saw your name.
wow he admits on tv that the fed is a cunt enslaving us all to the rothschilds an so on
Jude Blanch
Ron Paul was cheated by the media and voter fraud he should be our President.
Ned Carter
+dave hileman Round up your libertarian friends and overload the primaries. That is the only way you will get him on a ticket, his and his son's ideas are garbage. They should have died with Liberia.
Ned Carter
Or math... he was cheated by math. When NO ONE VOTES FOR YOU THE MATH DOES NOT WORK.
The GOP choosing Romney over Paul just shows that all you need to be the person they choose is to have buy able beliefs, if the GOP really would have wanted to win the election he was the easy choice but he didn't want his politics to be bought out, I really wish he would have won the last election so we can actually make progress as a county.
Liberty Lover
Justin Tyme
ron paul for president
I hate liberals who think libertarians just want to kill all these social programs.  YOU WOULDN'T NEED SOCIAL PROGRAMS if you had free markets and competitive banking instead of this stupid ass cartel the Fed Reserve.  We want the same thing, America to thrive and take care of its most vulnerable, but liberals want to get rid of the smoke instead of the fire!
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Just block him, +Ned Carter. Best thing you can do is put him on his own little island isolated from opinions he doesn't like. If he's right, he'll live happily ever after, and if he's wrong, he'll starve to death. Way of the world.
The Man with the Answers
+Ned Carter You're the one full of hate, fear and anger.  You're the one who started the "vitriolic spewing" and the insults.  And that's because it's all you have.  You can't argue based on reason and logic, because they don't support your liberal worldview.  Now you're upset because you're getting it thrown back in your face.  Tough.  You're just another fool who empowers lawyers with endless legislation and bankers with endless debt.  You will give the poor and the working class the ultimate pain soon because of your ignorance and stupidity.  The BRICS nations have all moved away from the dollar as world reserve currency and other nations will continue to do so because morons you and other statists empowered through your support are printing the dollar into worthlessness, as has happened to hundreds of other paper currencies throughout history.  World reserve currency status is not permanent.  Once it ends, they can't fund the debt through endless printing.  Then comes the default on the national debt, and you'll see riots in the street.  It's a mathematical inevitability.  And yet you frauds continue to lie to people and tell them there's a "recovery."  LOL.  The stock market is in its third biggest bubble in history.  That bubble will pop soon also. Your ignorance is really appalling.  
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CDubs HasIt
Ron Paul is edging near 80 yrs old and he gets around!! I've seen him drop kick, pummel, knock out, and smack down sooo many people on YouTube! Ron Paul is like the Chuck Norris of the political world. 
its such a ridiculous thing, this "gotcha" journalism.  Its every talking head's bread and butter now and its such an ignorant and reductionist tactic.  (Liberal and conservative media alike)
If a program is unconstitutional why are we involved with it? Social security, Federal reserve etc. Do we have to be?
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