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Published on Sep 9, 2012

"The richest woman in the world has a message for all you normals out there: Becoming rich is as easy as putting down that beer and getting off your ass. Australian billionaire Gina Rinehart wrote that there is "no monopoly on becoming a millionaire," in a column in Australian Resources Magazine, according to the AFP.

"If you're jealous of those with more money, don't just sit there and complain," Rinehart wrote. "Do something to make more money yourself -- spend less time drinking or smoking and socialising, and more time working."

Rinehart has a point, working hard is one way to make a lot of money. Another way is to inherit a boatload of it and turn that wealth into more wealth. Rinehart may be more familiar with the second route...".* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

*Read more here from The Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08...

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Comments • 3,904

Archvaldor's Warcraft Hacks
Here's a challenge to rich people who think it is easy for the poor to get rich. Try taking on a different identity with no money, no connections, and build yourself up from nothing. See how far you get. You won't get anywhere. Even if you did it before you'll find out how spectacularly lucky you were to get rich the first time. Go on, prove me wrong, it'd make a great reallity TV show if nothing else. Otherwise, shut the fuck up.
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Tyler McDougall
Must be tough to inherit a fortune and then make it grow on the hard work of others.
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melissa lopez
I live paycheck to paycheck, can't afford 'nice' or 'expensive' things... I don't live a life of luxury and I earn what I have on my own. Even though this rich-bitch has all this money and bullshit, I wouldn't doubt that I have a lot more happiness in this world. She probably doesn't Appreciate the little things the way I do. If she suddenly woke up tomorrow in my financial shoes I bet she'd have a nervous breakdown. Money is the only thing you can be addicted to and have society Reward you for it. Fucking disgusting.
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Moraine LAKE
The rich ARE different. They view people who are not "one of them" as appliances, machines, things to be used. Is it surprising that someone like her wants to cut the wages of her own workers and everyone else's too? She wants you to work harder not to get rich yourself but to make her richer that she is now. She knows that "hard work" doesn't do it. This is a ploy to get even more.
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This woman sound like Donald Trump
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Tom Jones
Everyone in Australia hates this sea cow of a person, even majority of her children hate her. The only people who like her are Liberal politicians who get her "donations".
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Grass hair
she is an evil woman. She disinherited her kids to get even more money. She has tried to buy out Australian papers, TV stations and politicians. She was born extremely rich and her father treated her as a princess. What she has done to alienate people and her own family sickens me. Beware the Australian Billionaires we breed them evil down here.
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whats funny is she's actually uglier on the inside than she is on the outside XD
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Sure, a lot of people could do better if they worked a little harder. Me, for example. But many more people work seriously fucking hard just to make ends meet. If they meet. When I was little, my first generation immigrant parents took me to their after-work jobs with them because they had no one who could watch me. Twelve hour days, with two kids, abysmal language skills and no support network. And now that they're retired, they're still working - babysitting grand kids, driving people places, arranging funerals and helping out their still living siblings, their neighbours, taking in strays, producing a whole lot of organic fruits and veggies and generally being fucking heroes. I'd like to chain this Rinehart woman up in their vegetable garden and give them a whip each, but with the kind of people they are, they'd probably just feed her and give her a bag of organic tomatoes to take home. My point? This overprivileged waste of space should shut her cakehole and enjoy her wealth with a sense of fucking gratitude. Not look down on everyone else as being lazy and undeserving.
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The poor can work them selves to death. and still will not make it rich. this is the design of the system today and has been for 4000 years.
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