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Published on May 20, 2012

The study discussed in this video is by Eric A. Hanushek and Ludger Woessman and is called "The Economic Benefit of Educational Reform in the European Union". They found that a higher quality education system increases growth. With the simulation based on all countries increasing their average performance on the PISA scale (the international testing of cognitive skills in schools), they found that this reform will have an accumulative impact on the general economy that is more than 288 % of the current year GDP. The gain would be 35 Trillion Euros.

With the simulation based on all countries getting on level with the Finnish school system, they found that the value of the educational reform would amount to 95 trillion Euro or more than 7 times the current GDP of the EU. A country such as Romania would experience long-term gains that are over 20 times higher than the current GDP of the country.

They found that the current measures of achievement based on quantities (amount of students getting an education), is misaligned with the evidence that clearly shows that focusing on quality education -- on WHAT and HOW the students learn, and have the most significant impact on the general economy.

After I did the video, I went back to check the results from the study and the point I mention in the video about the three scenarios simulated by the scientists, revealed that if all countries get on level with the Finnish school system, the benefits would be the biggest. So not as I said in the video a reform where the education system is lifted to its maximum. That scenario was the one were each country raises its levels 25 PISA points higher. But it is obvious that an optimal education system WILL in fact benefit all the most. Now we simply require implementing a system that can actually accommodate such a reform: The Equal Money System.

The ability to read, write and calculate is a privilege that those of us who's learned it often take for granted, blaming those that cannot read, write or calculate as being lazy and uncooperative, but this study shows that if policy-makers puts an effort into a long-term plan to raise the educational level on all accounts, it will actually benefit the country exponentially -- but what more is, such an educational reform will ensure that everyone gets a quality education and is educated to becoming human beings that are capable of taking responsibility for their own life.

The current policies focuses on bringing the weakest and marginalized youth on level with those considered normal, but what if the standards are so low because the policy-makers focus more on instant gratification in terms of satisfying voters here and now which causes them to spend less money on the education system than what is actually required to create an education system that is best for all? As it is clearly shown in Hanuschek and Woessmann's study, the benefits of implementing a new educational system is far beyond any goal currently set by the European Union.

This clearly shows how an Equal Money System -- as it is aligned with the principle of implementing the best possible educational reform that benefits all -- will in fact increase the general wealth of the entire country, region and even on the world as a whole.
Vote for an Equal Money System as an active step to take self-responsibility for this world and all that is here: http://equalmoney.org

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Intro and Outro by Greg Wiater

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Comments • 13

Anna Brix Thomsen
Thanks Bella!
Awesome! sharing this around
Anna Brix Thomsen
Definitely agree. I was stunned when I read this report because it is SO utterly simplistic and yet no policy-makers would dare touching it. That's why we require a complete overhaul of our financial and political systems - bringing direct democracy back into the hands of people and stopping the 'consumer-democracy' culture. Investigate Equal Money! 
Ryan Mountford
whoever has disliked this video is either uneducated or a fucking moron. I THINK THIS IS A GET OUT OF JAIL CARD FOR THE E.U
Anna Brix Thomsen
The knowledge about genetics is conjured up by humans who apparently only use 10 % of their brain capacity. Who knows what we will discover when we stop limiting ourselves and our understanding of the world?
Perhaps you need to focus on your own education if you are going to claim that genetics are subject to a political system. Genetics are 100% impartial and nothing outside of genetic engineering or divine intervention will be of any influence to one's genes.
Anna Brix Thomsen
#Inequality in parenting, social conditions and even genetics is in fact subject to the capitalistic system. At this point all we know is who we are in an capitalistic system. We have no idea what is even possible, once we implement a system of equality. Obviously biological differences can be difficult to change and many generations of people have never received any education, but that is no excuse for not establishing a system of equality that stands for what is best for all life. 
Not everyone is capable of "high level" education. Spend a little time working in a school and you'll see that we are not all created equally. Many of your lowest level performers are in such situation not due to inequality of services but rather inequality of genetics, parental expectations, or social conditions. Inequality of educational services certainly exists, but Its just one small piece of the pie, not the entire pie. 
Anna Brix Thomsen
Changing the education paradigms is but one step towards changing the world-systems to systems that stand in support of what is best for all life. Obviously education is a big part of that. 
Great, all we have to do now is eradicate learning disabilities, mental retardation, and autism. Everyone will be on par!
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