Pushing Me Away ( A JB Sister Story) Ch.20





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Published on Sep 26, 2008

Chapter 20.

( So u dnt get to confusedthis is what was going on before Rizzo and Mercedes went over to the Jonas house. Oh and remember? They are sisters)

( Rizzo POV)

I walked in. School was so stressful. I just wanted to see Nick. I had to do my homework first. I sat down at the kitchen table. Mercedes walked in.

- Hey. Need help?-
- No. Wanna go over to the Jonass later, when im done?-
She smiled, probably thinking about Joe. - Sure.- She sat down next to me, watching me. - HURRY UP!- She said.

I laughed and started doing math problems. Just then we heard a truck pull into the driveway. We both looked at each other. Our dad was home. Normally he just came in at like 2:00am and was gone again my 6. He walked up the driveway, bottle in hand, and burst threw the door.

- OUT!- He yelled.
- What?- Mercedes asked.
- I am having some people over so get out. Dont come back till tomorrow.- he said. You could tell he had been drinking.
- But dad- I said.
He raised his hand and punched me in the face. I fell back in my chair. I couldnt feel my face.
- YOU MONSTER!- Mercedes screamed. Then I heard here fall. But she fought back, by kicking him and punching him. She grabbed my homework. Lifted me off the ground, took her car keys ( she has a motorcycle and a carlol.) She put me down and I got into the passenger seat and she got into the drivers seat. And started m to drive to the Jonass. I was numb. I missed my mom. We pulled up to the Jonass and walked right in, who cares about knocking.

- Did you guys ever hear of knocking?- Joe asked but then smiled.
- Nope. Never in our lives.- Mercedes said then went over and hugged him. She always shook it off whenever that kind of stuff happened with out dad. I, was a different story. I looked in a mirror they had in the hallway. By cheek was red, I am not sure, but it will start to bruise soon.

- Hey.- I turned around and seen Nick. He was smiling. I couldnt take it. I hugged him for dear life.
- Hello to you to.- He said, but rapped his arms around me. I got staright to the point, and asked him something I really wanted to ask him.
- Will you be my boyfriend?- I asked. He looked surprised, but smiled.
- Okay.- He led me into the living room, and got out my books and started doing my math homework.

- hey mister you better do thoses problems right.- He smiled at me and kept on doing the problems. MY BOYFRIEND smiled at me. I sighed. I really liked Nick, I liked the whole Jonas Family. I wish I had a family like this. Well, I just whish I could get through to Melanee. I wanted to go for a walk, alone.
- Hey. I need to get something out of the carbe right back.- He nodded, trying to figure out a problem. I walked out. There was a car across the street, running. Someone was in the drivers seat, she looked familiar. I shrugged it off and walked to the side of the house. I stopped dead. Someone, a boy, looked around 13 or 14, was climbing threw Melanees window. He went in, and I decided to listen. I climbed the roof and hid on the side of the roof, so no one could see me, but I could hear them.

- Listen Tomorrow You will come to school, and you will ask me to be your boyfriend. At lunch. If you dont things will happen. Let this be a warning. Understand?-

- Good.- It sounded like they were kissing or something.

- Dont Forget.-

Then he climbed off the roof, ran across the street, and into that car, with the girl who looked familiar driving.

Oh my gosh. What is going on?!?! Should I tell someone?!?! I dont know what to do! Maybe I shoulg talk with Melanee first?

- Leave me alone!!!-

I heard Melanee, then Nick walking down the stairs. I climbed down the roof and ran into the house.

That was in sequence. If u havent figured it out. Lol.


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