Rep. Steny Hoyer On The Impact Of Today's Supreme Court Ruling On The Affordable Care Act





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Published on Jun 28, 2012

CNN - June 28th, 2012


  1. 35

    PRESIDENT OBAMA: Romney Went from Severely Conservative to Severely Kidding

  2. 36

    Abortion's "Another Example of Governor Romney Hiding Positions"

  3. 37

    President Obama: Women's Issues are Economic Issues

  4. 38

    President Obama: Politicians Shouldn't Decide What Health Care You Get

  5. 39

    President Obama in Fairfax, VA on Women's Economic Issues

  6. 40

    President Obama: Preventive Care should be Affordable

  7. 41

    Granite State Small Business Owners Tout President Obama's Policies

  8. 42

    Vice President Biden: America has Always Prospered When Hard Work is Rewarded

  9. 43

    President Obama: "We don't want an inside job in Washington. We want change in Washington"

  10. 44

    V.P. BIDEN: We are for Medicare, They're for Voucher-Care

  11. 45

    WJBK: Vice President Biden Campaigns in Michigan

  12. 46

    VP Biden: Romney Sang A Different Tune On China When American Jobs Were On The Line

  13. 47

    President Obama on Statements Made by Rep. Akin

  14. 48

    President Obama: Romney's Running Mate Would Have Him Pay Less Than 1% In Taxes

  15. 49

    President Obama: My Plan Strengthens Medicare, Their Plan Ends It

  16. 50

    President Obama: Study Shows Romney Plan Would Help Wealthiest Americans, Hurt Middle Class

  17. 51

    KWWL: President Obama Campaigns in Cedar Rapids, IA

  18. 52

    KHOU: VP Biden Speaks at NAACP Convention in Houston

  19. 53

    KGAN: President Obama Campaigns in Cedar Rapids, IA

  20. 54

    LaBolt Addresses Newly Emerged Sworn Testimony Contradicting Romney Campaign Claims

  21. Rep. Steny Hoyer On The Impact Of Today's Supreme Court Ruling On The Affordable Care Act

  22. 56

    The Story Of Violet Walters, A Child Who Will Benefit From The Affordable Care Act

  23. 57

    Marcelas Owens Discusses Importance of Health Care Ruling

  24. 58

    CNN Newsroom: Mother Celebrates Health Care Ruling Because Her Children Can't Be Denied Coverage

  25. 59

    Deval Patrick: SCOTUS Health Care Ruling is a Victory for all Americans

  26. 60

    CNN's Jim Acosta: Mitt Romney Supported Executive Privilege in 2007

  27. 61

    Hans Nichols Reports On Romney Telling Rick Scott To Downplay FL Jobs Numbers

  28. 62

    Bloomberg's Betty Liu On Mitt Romney's Inability To Articulate His Own Plans For The Country

  29. 63

    Sen. Sherrod Brown On The Rise Of Manufacturing In Ohio Under President Obama

  30. 64

    John King And Donna Brazile On Mitt Romney Avoiding The Tough Questions

  31. 65

    Ben LaBolt On The Questions That Will Decide The Election

  32. 66

    Howard Dean On Mitt Romney's Lack Of A Plan As President

  33. 67

    Howard Dean On Congressional Inaction To DREAM Act

  34. 68

    Stephanie Cutter: President Obama is Working to Help Middle Class Families

  35. 69

    Joe Scarborough and Willie Geist Slam Mitt Romney's Record As Governor of Massachusetts

  36. 70

    Mitt Romney: ""I Want To Take Washington Apart And Then Put It Back Together So It's A Lot Smaller."

  37. 71

    Mitt Romney: "I'm not going to raise taxes on the American people." 01/06/2012

  38. 72

    Mitt Romney: "I know how jobs are created and how jobs are lost." 10/01/2002

  39. 73

    Mitt Romney on Fox News Sunday: "I am planning on cutting the deficit down to zero."

  40. 74

    Mitt Romney in Davenport, IA: "I am planning on cutting the deficit down to zero." 12/27/2011

  41. 75

    Mitt Romney: "You have an opportunity to get to know me best by looking at my record as governor."

  42. 76

    Mitt Romney: Increasing taxes puts a burden on working families; they can't afford it.

  43. 77

    Mitt Romney: "I think a private sector background is better for getting people back to work."

  44. 78

    Mitt Romney talks Auto Bailout with George Stephanopoulos

  45. 79

    Mitt Romney: "I've been as consistent as human beings can be"

  46. 80

    Jamie Foxx is in!

  47. 81

    OFA Tucson Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary of Health Reform

  48. 82

    OFA Colorado Volunteers Gather at El Valle Restaurant for SOTU

  49. 83

    OFA State of the Union 'Watch Parties' Gain Wide Notice

  50. 84

    Coverage of OFA Events Across the Country

  51. 85

    Rachel Maddow on President Obama's "Record of Accomplishment"

  52. 86

    OFA Town Hall on DREAM Act in Arizona

  53. 87

    Obama: I'm keeping my eye on the long term and the long fight

  54. 88

    How Your Work Made a Difference

  55. 89

    MSNBC Praises OFA Election Effort

  56. 90

    30 seconds: Vote November 2nd

  57. 91

    30 Seconds: Vote Early

  58. 92

    15 Seconds: Vote November 2nd

  59. 93

    15 Seconds: Vote Today

  60. 94

    Governor Tim Kaine Interviewed on "Al Punto"

  61. 95

    Watch Party in Philadelphia City

  62. 96

    Highlights of OFA Vote 2010 Canvassing Nationwide

  63. 97

    CNN en Espanol Interviews Arizona OFA Volunteer

  64. 98

    Coverage of OFA Vermont Day of Action

  65. 99

    Coverage of OFA's Vote 2010 Day of Action

  66. 100

    OFA-Syracuse Makes Senior-to-Senior Calls

  67. 101

    Highlight's from Elena Kagan's Confirmation Hearings - Day 2

  68. 102

    "The Last Time Any President Did This Much In Office, Booze Was Illegal"

  69. 103

    Local Media Coverage of Vote 2010 Kickoff

  70. 104

    Eminently Qualified

  71. 105

    President Obama on the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

  72. 106

    Coverage of OFA's "Thank You" Events

  73. 107

    CNN On OFA's Biden T-Shirts

  74. 108

    Organizing for America Pushes Health Reform Across The Finish Line

  75. 109

    Reactions To Tonight's Historic Final Vote On Health Reform

  76. 110

    OFA Supporters Message for Reform Heard on the House Floor

  77. 111

    CNN on Organizing for America

  78. 112

    Final March for Reform in Royal Oak, Michigan

  79. 113

    The Final March for Health Reform - March 19, 2010

  80. 114

    OFA Volunteers Pushing For Reform - March 17, 2010

  81. 115

    OFA Rallies for Health Reform

  82. 116

    OFA-Wisconsin Rallies for Health Reform

  83. 117

    President Obama: "I'm here because of Natoma"

  84. 118

    Supporters of Health Reform Out Number Opponents at Events Nationwide

  85. 119

    Health reform supporters outnumber protestors

  86. 120

    Coverage of Vermont OFA Events - February 1, 2010

  87. 121

    Kathy Dahlkemper and Health Care Reform

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