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Published on Nov 17, 2012


You know i'm accurate, packin it.
a "pen" is "power" activist;
i've been about this practice long enough to get immaculate.
it's somethin 'bout a knack for it. somethin when you master, it's
impassible to craft syntax without the facts in it.

factor it. number every cracker spittin' actor shit
and plastic keys across the seas are tapping even whacker shit
and half these kids don't even know the half of it.
they only see theatrics, and they rap before they even know what passion is.

passin' instant judgement on these bastards like a basilisk.
Aston in your bars but your garage is full of gas and piss
and, as for this ambassador, plastic rappers are catheters
aberrations i'm after; i'm cauterizing their apertures.

i spit it hot enough to melt their plastic lips closed,
cuttin' off the piss poor posers with the shit flows.
admit it not enough brought enough, maybe not enough've got enough
wit, or whatever it is, permittin' sick prose.

the Bic chose me; clicked and it told me-
"homie i'm gettin sick of these pricks tryin' to hold me;
only spittin shit with a vision of gettin rich
it's a pity, without a purpose, the perfect picture is lonely!

hone me. go begin to grow beyond the phony.
sow the seeds of reason where
reason we've seen dethroned;
be more than just an entity sent at me
defend me from enemies,
ascend with the scent of weed, send a meaningful message,
and kick more rhymes than a centipede.

this resin's embedded deep [but]
the center's steady glowing and showing greater knowing
so go-and set it free
learn to give or let it be
earn to live forever through rhetoric-with-a-pedigree."

head of reconnaissance on rap predominance.
common sense, on offense, bombin' all them on-the-fence.
calm, intense, and pensive at the same time;
not to mention i've been on this since i came upon a dawn of confidence

competence, the complements of "providence" and labor,
monumental cognizance, the opposite of haters.
i persist in pushing potent product;
hope the profit off it offers opportunities to prosper with my neighbors.


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