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Published on Apr 22, 2008

The End of America: Tipping Point, Now!

A Twelve Part DocuTUBEmentary expanding the arguments made by Naomi Wolf's book The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot.

Originally I set out to spice up the video portion of her October 2007 speech, but found that current events, on a daily basis, kept fortifying her thesis and I eventually began adding more and more of these current event "Tipping Points".

Even today her prediction of the end of America comes true with every new article I read. See for yourself. Watch this video, read her book, and keep reading the news (reddit.com suggested site).

Naomi explains that there are 10 steps that all democracies go through on their way to dictatorship. Same steps weather it's from Mussolini, Hitler, Pinochet, or Stalin, and all 10 steps are underway in America.

Part 1 [4:10]: Introduction to the book & blueprint.

Part2 [5:56]: Teaching the blueprint at The School for the Americas.
Step #1 -- Invoke a terrorizing internal/external threat (and hype it).

Part3 [6:44]: Words/Imagery repeated, unsupported evidence, and fake documents.
Step #2 -- Create a prison system outside the rule of law where torture takes place.

Part4 [5:51]: Broaden definitions to use Torture and Military Tribunal on citizens.
Democracy closes in successive tipping points, faster and faster.

Part5 [4:46]: Courts side in favor of police who enact un-needed violence in the name of safety to crack down on liberties. Example; Florida Taser incident.

Part6 [8:42] Use state legislature to put pressure on academics. A Goebbels tactics which entice citizens and media to censor themselves. [Moyers Journal]
Step #3 -- Create a paramilitary force (private contractors) not answerable to citizens.
Armed agents humiliate force ordinary citizens to do disgusting or humiliating things.

Part7 [8:04] Civilian contractors not held to military code of justice and immune from civil.
Paramilitary has contracted to police US cities. President has authority to declare martial law; congress cannot review the action for six months.
Step #4 -- Create surveillance systems aimed at non-criminal ordinary citizens.

Part8 [5:44] Military Industrial Complex; 1/3 of our GDP is private sector defense industries. When we lose an enemy, the US elites lose their jobs. So we arm terrorists and dictators to ensure we'll have a future enemy. Even bigger profits come if you can make an enemy out of everyone; 1,000,000 on the terror watch list. (www.aclu.org/watchlist/)

Part9 [9:36] Watch-list vs. McCarthy "Red List". The list serves no security function but makes life (jobs and travel) inconvenient for dissidents.
Step #5 -- Arbitrarily Detain and release Prisoners, SPOT and TSA detain without cause. US Private Prison industry lobbies for more prisoners and tough crime sentencing.
Prison Industrial Complex gearing up to hold millions more despite US holding world record in prison population.

Part10 [7:34] Step #6 Infiltrate Citizen Groups. COINTELPRO and other FBI programs aimed at discrediting political rivals by infiltrating groups and enacting violence in order to justify crackdowns.
False Flag attacks by private contractors in Iraq to instigate violence.
Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 information.

Part11 [9:24] Step #7 Target Key individuals. High profile lawyers, media, press, performers, academics who stand up have their careers derailed.
Step #8 Restrict the press; reporters are prosecuted for exposing corruption and illegal activity in the White house. Media agencies begin to censor themselves.
Definition of Terrorist begins to expand.
"Operation Sudden Impact" renames crimes as terrorism to suspend 4th amendment rights.
Step #9 Treat dissenters as traitors.
Step #10 Suspend the Rule of Law/Declare Marshal Law.

Part12 [9:05] It takes a democracy movement to save democracy. Millions of people must rise up and restore the rule of law- The final tipping points come faster and faster and there is a point where democracy can not heal itself. Prosecute the administration for war crimes and treason. Stand together and defeat apathy.


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