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Published on May 6, 2010

You in the presence of greatness, you better take a bow.
Step up to the plate, you in the big leagues now.
Im a masta at work, hold on to your seat.
Prepare to be mesmerized throw me down a beat.

YO! LowFatJoe.
What up people its yah boy LowFatJoe
You came for a song, but Imma put on a show.
6 months in the making but its finally time
Get yo popcorn ready, cause Im busting out my Rhyme.

My flow is so dirty, is like gum on the bottom of ya shoe.
I be spitting at ya neck, like a camel at the zoo.
The sky turns yellow while the sun fades blue.
My lyrics are so ill, youd think they got the flu.
Pittsburgh, Sixburgh, you know where I be.
Eastside, Westside, dont matter to me.
Humble Beginnings, I was raised on chicken and potatoes.
You ask me for apples, so Ill give you tomatoes.
Some words I say dont speak loudly enough.
Put yah chips all in, and Ill be calling your bluff.
I was born with wings, but never learned to fly.
Brought up on the streets, where any minute you can die.

Youre climbing the monkey bars, theyll give you a blister.
You wanna know my name, I say ask yah sister.
Im hoopin at the park, they say I got hops.
I hear the sirens sirens blaring, now Im running from the cops.
Shortcut through the woods, now Im home free.
Ive been evading the police since I was just three.
Rappers like me are impossible to find.
Every word I say paints a picture in your mind.
Like a box of saltines I keep my crackers close by.
The minute we hear gunshots, we take off like a fly.
The back of a squad cars a second home to me.
Handcuffs aint so bad when you got a spare key.
Like a basket of socks, Im fresh out the dryer.
You set the bar at the top, I raise it ever higher.

Hes not your Average Joe, no hes not.
Pistol in his hostler he aint afraid to get shot.
Target on his chest as big as Manhattan.
He got a price tag on his head worth more then John Madden.
No, no he dont do it for the money, the women or the cars.
He does it cause hes a rapper and thats just the way that we are.

I see you on the couch with an open bag of lays.
They call me the Mindfreak, Ill put you in a daze.
Came from the bottom to the top, hang on for the ride.
I got you In my sights, their aint nowhere to hide.
Get yeah head in the game just like John Madden
Higher then a kite, Im soaring like Aladdin.
Like Peyton manning I speak with precise placement.
Ill kill you in your sleep, like mildew in the basement.
I said, When you swimming in the pool, I snatched your towel.
Stole your presents on Christmas, They mines now!
Imma Great Dane, and youre a Beagle
Your as helpless as a worm, fighting and Eagle.
If you try to see me eye to eye like a man.
Id suggest you fallback, runaway while you can.
Cause my fists are made of steel, they a sight to witness.
They got a short fuse and theyll give you da business.

When life hits you like a truck, you fall and bleed.
It takes a lot of heart to get back up and succeed.
But I got that heart, I got that courage, That strive to win.
No matter how bad the odds, I find the strength from within.

Upon closer inspection, you see Im headed in a direction.
Straight up to the stars as I strive for perfection.

No one has reached perfection, but greatness has been achieved.
You just need the right mind, and the will to succeed.

Right hook to your temple and your legs start to wobble.
Left jab finds your nose, someones in trouble.
Big uppercut finds your jaw and you fall to the ground.
Get back up on your feet, it aint the end of the round.
You look up at the ceiling and want it all to end.
Theres a fine line that separates the boys from the men.
The ref gives you a ten count, but I rocked you too hard.
Get well soon is what is said in your card.

Looking for your bathroom, I need to make a deposit.
Couldnt hold it any longer, so I dookied in your closet.

Pumpin iron after school, I should own some steel mills.
Stack my money after work, got them $100 dollar bills.
Your grannys my slave, she does all my bidding.
Makes me pancakes with no syrup, sike Im just kidding.

Hes not your average Joe, No hes not.
Pistol in his hostler, he aint afraid to get shot.
Target on his chest as big as Manhattan.
He gotta price tag on his head worth more then John Madden.
No, No, He dont do it for the money, women, or the cars.
He does it cause hes a rapper and thats just the way that we are.
I said, no question is stupid, you just gotta ask it.
The crowd goes Roars as Im driving to the basket.
LowFatJoe, you know the name!
If rapping was a sport, hed be on top of his game.
I aint gotta say a word, my fists do all the talking.
Put yo money where yo mouth is, or keep on walking.

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