Tied Together With A Smile(A Taylor Story)~Ch. 7





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Published on Jan 7, 2009

Thanks for reading my stories! Remember sooner I get lots of comments the sooner the next chapter comes!!!
"Oh Abs this is perfect!" I said holding out a very pretty black flowy dress. It was simple, yet cute, and i could bring a sweater if it got to cold, I mean it is Cali! I dont expect snow anytime soon!
"Tay that is perfect!" She cooed back.
"It covers my little bump perfectly!" I said getting excited.
"And sweater if its cold? Remember now that your preggers you cant get sick or else it could hurt the baby!" She reminded.
"OKAY Mom I know!" I said smiling at her.
"Okay now that ou have your outfit lets get some sleep! You have to be well rested!" She said dragging me out of my closet and to my bed.
"Okay thanks MOM! Night!"I said jokingly. And with that she left to go to her room.

I put on my PJs and went to sleep dreaming of baby names, and well just raising a baby, without Joe! My dream life seemed fine without Joe in my life. Wanna know a secret? I also dreamt that I married Chace and he took care of my baby like it was his! He is amazing!

I woke up and ran to the bathroom. Ew! Well now that thats over Im going to run to Abigail! I ran to he room. She was still asleep so I just jumped on her and kept jumping till she woke up.

"Five more minutes!" She screamed putting her pillow over her face.
"NO! I need you to keep me entertained! If I am bored I will get ready for the date now and its only 9 in the morning thats like 11 hours! I will be all antsy!" I shrieked.
"Fine! But your making breakfast!" She said rolling over.
"Yes! Random Cooking Experiment!" I screamed.
"Yeay! This will be fun! Anything too gross and you can have it and I will stick to cereal!" She said sitting up.
"Okay deal! Now lets go!" For a pregnant lady I have lots of energy!

After our experiment I tried it first and I thought it was amazing! So Abby had some and she loved it! So we both got a plate and dug in. After we cleaned up decided to check my computer. I went on myspace and checked my messages and comments. I have amazing fans! In my Twitter box I wrote Getting Ready For A Fun Night and then I signed off. Then I decided to check my fan mail. I had alot! Did I mention how much I love my fans? Ooh I opened a FanFic! I love those! (AN she really does! I saw it on her BIG thing on On Demand) Okay so I just mailed out a bunch of autograph pictures and now its middle of the afternoon.

"Can I get ready now?" I asked Abigail.
"Not yet!" She yelled at me.
"What can we do now?" I asked.
"Wanna make a video?" She asked.
"Yeay I love making videos! Ill get my computer!" I said running upstairs.
"Okay what song should we make the video to?" She asked when I got back down stairs.
"I Dont Know! We can pick later!" I said.

We did a little fashion show type of thing and we danced around, then we taped our lunch concoction, we put all my pets on video, we did a bunch more random things and then ended the video. When we were done it was 6:30! OMG Im gunna be late! I will edit the video tomorrow! I rushed up stairs and jumped in the shower. When I got out I fixed my hair and did my make-up, Then I went into my closet and got my black dress(the one sheis wearing at 3:15 in the video!) and grabbed a white sweater *incase it gets cold*. I decided to wear black flats because I didnt want to fall or anything with heels! I snuck a peek at the clock and its 7:50! Oh my gosh! I quikly put things into a small black clutch and checked my make up. The doorbell rang and Abigail said she had it. I did one more check and I was good to go downstairs.

"Wow Taylor you look amazing!" Chace said. He was standing there with dress pants and a button up whtie collar shirt. Nothing too fancy but still looking GOOD!
"Your not so bad yourself!" I said. Oh shoot did I really say that? He smiled. Good!
"So are you ready to go?" He asked me taking my hand.
"Yes I am! I cant wait to see where you are taking us!" I said smiling at him.
"You will see! Lets go." He said leading me to his car.
"Bye Abigail! See you later!" I called back.

On the car ride we talked and laughed. It was a fun time. Then my phone rang and I didnt really want to be interupted. But it could be important right? So I took out my phone and looked at the caller idea. Shoot! I dont want to answer it will ruin my night!


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