Cat vs. Groundhog





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Uploaded on Jun 19, 2008

Video shows a cat wondering what to do with an invading groundhog. The groundhog doesn't pay much attention to the cat.

The groundhog (Marmota monax),also called the woodchuck or whistlepig, is a rodent of the family Sciuridae, and belongs to the group of large ground squirrels known as marmots. It is found in North America.

It can grow to 32 in. long and weight 30 lbs. in exceptionally large individuals. It is good at digging, has strong claws, and has banded guard hairs that give it a frosted appearance.

One groundhog lived to be 22, Wiarton Willie. Groundhogs make elaborate burrows, that are organized like a house. They normally have 2-5 entrances and can be up to 45 feet long and up to 5 feet underground.

They often build a separate winter burrow for their hibernation. The burrow is dug below the frost line and remains at a stable temperature during the winter.

Groundhogs are good swimmers, climbers, and fighters. They have large incisors and sharp strong claws. Their skin is very tough.

They often stand on two legs and have a sharp high pitched whistle as a danger signal.

They are responisible for the tongue twister, "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? — A woodchuck would chuck as much wood as he could if a woodchuck could chuck wood"

They come out of their burrow on groundhogs day to check the weather.

Punxsutawney Phil is the most famous groundhog.


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