1. Ray Hunter catching monocle Cobra ERJ

  2. News report of Ray's Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake bite

  3. Cobraman on A P The Man that Injects Venom UK version

  4. Cobraman Ray Hunter With Herp Nation Radio

  5. Herp Nation Radio Presents Cobraman Ray Hunter

  6. Rattler cam

  7. Big mama breaking bad

  8. Symphony of three Eastern Diamondbacks

  9. Eastern diamondback rattlesnake shedding the complete skin,

  10. Eastern diamondback rattlesnake during shed

  11. I WAS BITTEN collage pt2

  12. Hot Bitches at the Mall

  13. Time Itself

  14. New Motives (Marty Spacil & Ray Hunter

  15. Michelle singing clinging to the cross

  16. Taking off from palm beach international

  17. Indian cobra eating a chicken leg

  18. Monocled Cobra in need of Xanax

  19. I WAS BITTEN video collage of ep. 5 Ray Hunter & Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake bite.

  20. Kip proposes to Haley @ Disney World during fireworks 12/25/2011

  21. The little lady

  22. One of my babies having a bad day

  23. Estaban (aka- S.C. Cobraman) catching a King Cobra

  24. Ray catching Monocled Cobra.3gp

  25. EDRS venom extraction

  26. Eastern Diamondback strike

  27. Cobra catch & Extraction.3gp

  28. Estaban doing the Glow Stix thing

  29. Carl Barden Milking King Cobra

  30. "Beautiful" performed by Bianca Duffield and Danny Scoggin at Steve Mentor's memorial service..3gp

  31. Ray Hunter on animal planet "The Man Who Injects Venom".3gp

  32. Ray Hunter catching monocled cobra

  33. 11 foot King Cobra

  34. Venom Extraction from lrg. E.D. Rattlesnake.3gp

  35. Female Monocled Cobra

  36. Male Monocled Cobra

  37. Banded Snouted Cobra striking

  38. Albino Malayan Krait @ pinky buffet

  39. Snouted Cobra strike

  40. FRIDAY FEST fire spinning