Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries Castle 351,270 (1/2)

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Ajoutée le 14 juil. 2008

The first part goes pretty well. the Part after the 3rd bonus chest was a little off to say the least, but it was enough for 350k.

Special thanks to atwyatt on this run. The door trick to get two enemies on the stairs was his idea and just doing a 90 degree when going through the door frame on the top floor. I didn't do it entirely like him, where you just do it when you touch the door frame, but it is what he does.

You will hear Donkey kong music in the background because I put one of the music plugs in the super nintendo and put in the game Donkey Kong country. Why? The music is very happy, so I wanted to listen to something positive. Wesker's theme is awesome, but I have been listening to it way too much.

This is (probably) going to be the last video I put up on youtube. I have been thinking for a while, and I think it is best I retire. There are other stuff I want to do right now and sad to say, RE4 will get in the way of that. I want to say thank you to the people who subscribed to my videos, I never had 100 people before ever care about what I do, so it is really cool.

I also want to thank who I consider my mentors, Yankichi and atwyatt. Yankichi, in my opinion, the best merc ever, is just an inspirational player who has a habit of making what he does look easy, and I learned a lot of my mechanics from studying him. I learned how to set up strategies from atwyatt, who in my opinion, knows more about RE4 than any player.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video


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