Cop Sued for Arresting a Firefighter Trying to Help a Vic





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Published on Jul 8, 2008

Police officer has to pay $18,000 for arresting a Firefighter who was just doing his job, and trying to protect an injured driver.

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well fireman you know whos house not to save don't you
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well now i hope the firefighter wont come to save the cop >:3
lori s
+AceXIX . I always thought that the police were there to provide scene security.  I thought that firefighters were trained as EMT's as well.  Their presence there is the most important, isn't it?  I thought that the police were supposed to be there as a backup and to secure the scene.
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he's just jealous cause a real hero came to the rescue...
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Killa Watt
Love this comment
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RTR TRUTH MEDIA™ Tom Lacovara Stewart
This was not only wrongful arrest, but also felony kidnapping with a deadly weapon, pulled or not. The Fire Captain was Incident Commander. He broke the Chain of Command. The Highest ranking MEDICALLY TRAINED RESPONDER is INCIDENT COMMANDER.     This guy belongs collecting trash. I am a disabled firefighter.....if that had been my Captain.....the cop would have been knocked out, his weapon secured and unloaded, and I would have placed him in custody.
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cat luva
RTR TRUTH MEDIA™ Tom Lacovara you should put the cop in the road to protect the fire truck
+soflo23 yes under NIHMS and ICS which is FEMA he does!! Quit going full retard, you never go full retard!
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The Mud Crab
firefighters are heroes their job is to save people, who in their right mind would question them? 
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Daniel Majack
+New InventionsUnfold ?
+New InventionsUnfold Hell no! I fuckin hate pigs and love it when shit happens to them. They are fuckin garbage
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Why american cops are so stupid sometimes?! I don't get it...
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makesoundsnotlove yess
I swear it seems like 50% of cops have some power trip issues.
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Scattered Dreams XIV
I heard most cops have been to jail at least once. Maybe that's why these dumb shits are corrupted.
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Brandon Tseng
Fucking idiot cop.  Like really.
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Chinning Tatum
Wambli Padilla wow shut up you Retarded redneck white trash talking piece of shit!
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Pedro Pandoko
Medically trained individuals are worth a thousand cops!!
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Stevorn Richards
+sprinklefriend you not risking your life if it's your job. you getting paid to do what you're supposed to do. it's a risk sure, but no one put a gun to Leos head and give them the job. some jobs are dangerous but unless you were coerced into doing it, then you can't use that i fear for my life crap because you know what it entails. soldiers are ready to die and would never beg for their lives. so why must a cop when they have 10 different weapons in their utility belt and the avg civilian have none
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jack ryan
Ironically it's usually the police themselves who are injured or killed in accidents along side the highway. This idiot cop just didn't want anyone else to be in control or issuing orders. What a dick.
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+ptpvideogaming disagree completely with you, most cops are assholes who think they are above the law. The good one are the exemption
+craig crownover not all cops are dicks most armt
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Eli awesome productions 37
This shows you how fucking stupid cops are , sorry I meant pigs
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when police officers join in against the fight on police/government abuse of authority, then they will earn my respect.
Eric Stevens
+Movses Shaginyan not all cops are bad, you are right there the random exception to the rule who are not total dicktards.  but in law enforcement those are the ones who get branded pussies by their peers and than are cast to traffic duty.  but for most, In their eyes you and me and everyone else are all possible criminals.    
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