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Published on Feb 10, 2010

Contestant on Jeopardy gives the most appropriate answer ever.

I'm turning off the comments because most of the people leaving comments are simply the dumbest people on the face of the Earth. Almost every comment submitted is something like:

"I don't get it"
"So she got the answer wrong, why is that funny?"
"but Jackass *is* a movie"
"But they're allowed to say Jackass on TV"
"I would of (sic) said that too"

I realize that most people who leave youtube comments are moronic mouth-breathers, but somehow I underestimated just how incredibly dumb people can be. Yet somehow they are functional enough to type a string of characters that loosely resembles a sentence in English. I guess I should have known better given the success of things like "Two and a Half Men", the Snuggie, Monster Cables, and "Paul Blart: Mall Cop".

Yes, I know Jackass is a Knoxville movie, and I know that they are allowed to say "jackass" on TV. You're completely missing the point.

The humor in this video is the fact that it starts out "Coach K knows all about...", and therefore the answer somehow relates to "Coach K" (duke's Mike Krzyzewski). By answering "Jackass", the contestant is essentially calling Coach K a jackass. Many college basketball fans agree.

Now if you're saying "that's not very funny", that's because it's generally hard to find humor in something that has to be explained to you. It's not exactly a high-brow thinking man's joke; however, apparently even juvenile toilet humor is WAY too intellectual for 99% of the people who decided to comment on this.

And if you're thinking, "If it has to be explained, it's not funny," the truth is if something this simple has to be explained to you, your parents really should have cut back on the lead paint martinis when they were trying to conceive you.

So idiots of the world, feel free to go post the "your a dum looser" comments somewhere else, but I'm pulling the plug on them for this video. Isn't there a Hee Haw rerun you'd rather be watching?

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