Pokémon Emerald - Episode 2





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Published on Jan 16, 2012

We find a new friend outside of Oldale Town, then head off to Petalburg!

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Noah Emery
Better than PewDiePie.
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This series is cooler than any other playthrough. It's great how you explain every aspect of the game, and I learn something new every episode.
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DDance TV
Same It's such a good series
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Linoone > Ratticate Linoone has Pickup and can learn Surf.
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Damian Freeman
+Super Stickman Well, yeah. Zigxagoon is cuter. Especially shiny Zigzagoon with its orange fur.
Psycho Dedede
+Damian Freeman (TheExceeder) I prefer Zigzagoon
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Max Trigon
You could say that this game is a very, CRITICAL HIT among players. I just tried to make a pun.
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Jason Nguyen
I wish I could make lopunnies, but I an't mimikyu
Jill Henshaw
That was onixpected
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"Where's WALLY?" Was that intentional?
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Considering he's American, and his name is "Waldo" over here, probably not.
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Anybody else rewatching this lets play and playing emerald over again FTP prep for omega ruby and alpha sapphire 
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+THEyear1947 Even though there's most likely going to be about 370+ pokemon in the games.
Yeah I am trying to see what team I'm going to make
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You mean how can Wally just Ralts in?
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Dale the Charmeleon
+LolCat138 evolution successful fanfare
+Dale the Charmeleon What? Charmeleon is evolving! ......... Charmeleon has evolved into Charizard!
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Jason Lozano
I heard in one of the games using a sunstone on a zigzagoon it will be rayquaza but I doubt it but who knows
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Rafael Koliadis
Jason Lozano yeah
Jason Lozano
I was dumb for a 11/12 year old.. Lol..
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Jakomi of the Rose
Ah yes. A female Ralts was the first pokémon I caught on that route. Still have her on my Soul Silver.
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Raven Sora
the first pokemon I ever caught was a pidgey. I traded it and I WISH I DIDN'T!
Nick Sorenson
+portalglitch473 Well maybe I can't picture them being male if Kirlia looks to be inspired by a ballerina dancer and Gardevoir clearly looks like it's wearing a dress.
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Scott J
Somthing just occoured to me, how will wally raise ralts if it onlyy knows growl and he has no other pokemon?
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He'll catch more then release then.
Angus Seydel
He bought a crap ton of rare candies
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