Minecraft - Fate's Grasp [68] Last Epilogue





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Published on Aug 11, 2012

And thus my story comes to a close.

This is the end of Minecraft. Though the series won't be continuing, I will be doing a behind-the-scenes series in the coming days. I'll try to explain the story, my thought process, and how I went about doing/making things for the series there.

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I recently got bored and remembered you had a minecraft series, and decided to watch it. So in the past 2-3 days I watched the entire series. I was subscribed to you when you were originally making this series, but chose not to watch it. Reason for this was because at that time I was tired and bored of Minecraft as a game. When Minecraft was in Alpha I was so into it. I watched so many videos online and played it like as much as possible. But I was soon done with it, as the exhaustion of this game grew upon me. I just stopped watching Minecraft videos and playing it completely. This is why I didn't watch this series, because Minecraft was just overdone at this point in time. (Like I legit stopped playing this game when The End was a thing and thus I never beat the Ender Dragon) So watching these past 68 videos in 2-3 days, kinda just blew my mind. I understand completely what the meaning of this series is, and am sad that I have not watched this any sooner than now. As this is probably the best Minecraft series ever, as it tells us, and everyone that Minecraft isn't the only game you should play. TLDR: I didn't watch this series when it came out, and it has a great message for everyone. Naka everything you do is awesome and fantastic. Words cannot describe how amazing you are, and I hope you continue to make more Let's Plays and other videos. Naka you did good (Insert Thumbs Up emoticon Here) .
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No Quarter
I'm not sure why, but this video explains better than words why I consider Naka to be one of the best LPers out there.
How minecraft should have ended
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Liam Flynn
When you see how many games Naka did, he needs way more subscribers.
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Thor Christensen
You can sort of group the three seasons into small arcs of episodes. Season 1 - Survival Arc 1 - Intro (1-6) Arc 2 - Spelunking (7-9) Arc 3 - Nuances (10-12) Arc 4 - Achievements I (13-16) Arc 5 - Nether (17-18) Arc 6 - Achievements II (19-21) Arc 7 - The End (22) Season 2 - Journey Home Arc 8 - Following the Compass (23) Arc 9 - Aether (24-28) Arc 10 - Skyblock (30*-35) *Video 29 really wasn't part of the series. Arc 11 - Kurast (36-41) Arc 12 - Mini-Maps (42-46) Arc 13 - Better Dungeons (47-51) Arc 14 - Twilight Forest (52-54) Season 3 - Fate's Grasp Arc 15 - Teleportation (55-59) Arc 16 - Five Stages of Grief(60-64) Arc 17 - Mental Breakdown (65-67) Arc 18 - Finale (68) Loved this series. : )
Stephanie McGreck
i want more!
The Hater
Still by far my favorite Minecraft Let's Play. Especially storywise.
Brady Mage
Naka this was an amazing story you keep bringing us back in even though we all have seen this series a dozen times
Kalona The Breathclaw
The ending is very boring. At least most of the series was entertaining though.
It's been 4 years and so many projects since then, but I still feel that this video says so much.
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