Fully Planted 20 gal. Goldfish Community Aquarium





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Published on Dec 9, 2009

It's been a little over six months since my little girl, Fiona, won a goldfish at her pre-school fundraiser. I knew nothing about goldfish or cold water aquariums before this.

We've now finaly achived our goal of a fully planted cold water community aquarium.
Our cast of characters includes:

Four Goldfish: a common comet ("Polka Dots") who started this all!, a fantail ("Fancy Pants") who we bought the day after to keep Polka Dots company, a shubunkin ("Prada") and a sarasa comet ("Rena") whom we got a couple of months into it all after establishing our nitrogen cycle.

Four otocinclus: These guys are workers in the tank; their job is to suck brown algea off of plants and tank walls. I chose them over other algae eaters as they will stay smal and never take to sucking on the slime coat of other fish like plecos and Chinese algae eaters are prone to do.

Seven White Cload Mountain minnows: These are usually sold as feeder fish; and when I first tried to introduce them, Polka Dots and Fancy Pants ate them up over night. So, I had to grow the next batch of them in the quarantine tank for a couple of months until they reached full size. They add an interesting layer to the community tank.

Two Gold Dojo Loaches: Dojo Dee and Dojo Dumb (not that he's dumb, but just to pun off of "Through the Looking Glass). The dojos were that final addition as they I had a hard time getting them, and my first two died mysteriously in the quarantine tank. They are really neat creatures, and add another layer to the communtiy as they are primarily bottom dwellers. With their eel-like shape, they snake all through the bottom of the tank.

Two snails: Got a couple of cool looking snails. No idea what kind of snail they are, but they really get around and do their job, and if they ever try to proliferate, the dojos should nip that in the bud!

Two fresh water Asian clams: We don't see these guys often as they are pretty much always under the gravel. Now that I know they are doing well, I'm gonna get at least four to six more. There job is to filter the water, but these two tiny little guys can't do much on the volume there. After some 4 months, they don't seem to have grone much as all, though they can reach some 2 inches wide when fully grown.


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