Hollywod (jonas brothers love story) chapter 1 part one





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Published on Mar 12, 2008

Nick: yes we are finally home!!
Joe: i missed you so much (hugging the refridgerator)
Kevin: wow it is so good to be home!

Okay you the jonas Brothers just got home, but they are only going to be home for 3 weeks, they are only on break from their "When You Look Me In the Eyes tour" but they are back in New Jersey, and a lot is going to be happening in just three weeks so make sure you stay with the story.

Nick gets a text message it sayssss:
???: hey nick, you are home right?
Nick: yepp, just walked in the door. can i see you?
????: yes deffinatly, meet me at the lakes in 20 minutes.

[the lakes are a place that is walking distnce from both of their houses, oh and the girl, her name is Jennifer and she is 15. She is a very close family friend to the whole jonas family. but Nick and her used to date, and they were very serious, they had a promise ring and all, but then Nick started going on the Best of Both worlds tour, and started to think he has feeling for miley cyrus, then he asked to see her and said he didnt think it was going to work, so he broke it off, and then on they didnt talk, but he called her when they were on the way home and said text me at 2:00 i will be home, and i would like to talk to you. when jennifer and nick broke up she gave the promise ring back to nick. oh and the jonas family calls jennifer, jenna fyi.]

-----------20 minutes later------------
-------------at the lakes: ------------
Nick walks yo the lakes and he see jenna sitting on one of the benches by on of the lakes, his heart starts beating really fast because he obviously still has strong feelings for her.

Nick: Jenna?
Jenna: Hi Nick, wow....
Nick: whay?
Jenna: nothing i just though you would never want to talk to me again considering miley and all...
Nick: yeah jenna honestly i though i had feelings for her but i dont at all, she is really cool, and nice and a very close friend to all of us, but if anyhting happened with me and anyone else she would get extremely jelous!
Jenna: well i cant blame her.
Nick: why do you say that.
Jenna: well you are a great guy and your brothers are a major plus too, and you are extremely sensitive. not a lot of guys are sensitive like you.
Nick: yeah i know, it can really suck sometimes.
Jenna: well for us girls it is good, and when you get it you are not supposed to let them slip away.
Nick: wow jenna.
Jenna whay
Nick: nothing you have just grown up so much, dont you remeber when we were little and we would play tag, and we were inseperable, best best friends.
jenna: yeah and then it turned into more, and ruined our friendship.
Nick: what is that supposed to mean?
Jenna: well nick we said that nothing was ever going to come between us and it deffinatly did.
Nick: well you are making this sound like it is my fault
Jenna: well beg my pardon nick but you diiiiiid break up with ME
Nick: yeah but.....
Jenna: what?
Nick: nothing, do you want to come back to the house and hang out a little.
Jenna: sure.

jenna and nick go back to the jonas house.

--Back at the jonas house with joe and------------------ kevin: --------------

Joe: where did nick go?
Kevin: he went to meet jenna i think
Joe: oh great, more nick drama.
Kevin: joe, be sensitive, he doesnt know what he wants, he is 15 years old!
Joe: yeah well what ever

jenna and nick walk in the door and walk to the kitchen where joe and kevin are.....of corse.

Jenna: JOE i missed you two so much.

Joe hugs her and picks her up off the ground and spins around, then kevin does the same.

Kevin: it was so wierd not seeing you everyday jenna, it was terrible i think nick adn joe were having "jenna withdrawls"
Jenna: haha, good to know kevin

[she looks over at Nick and smiles; Nick blushes]

chekc part two, this isnt done.


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