Islam, pagan roots incorporated into Quran and Muslim beliefs debate Pt 1





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Published on May 23, 2010

Islam has early pagan roots that were adopted into Islamic beliefs and practices.

Muhammad, who was a pagan before his so-called revelations, was fasting during Ramadan in a cave when the supposed Angel Gabriel came to him and CHOKED HIM and that is reportedly the start of his prophecy and created the Koran

NOTE that meant that fasting and Ramadan were pagan kuffir beliefs because Muhammad was doing this BEFORE he started to become the prophet of Islam.

Christians take calls and debate with Moslems about the early pagan rituals that became part of Islam today.

Also pre-Islamic history and the hadiths reported that the pagans used to circle the Kabba before Muhammad became a monotheist. Meaning the Kabbah was a pagan place and circling the Kabba and the Hajj used to be pagan practices. The pagans used to circle the Kabba NAKED and would kiss, rub and place their body parts on the Kabba, the most sacred place in Islam. When Muhammad first started his religion the early Muslims used to pray towards Jerusalem, but when the Jews living in Saudi Arabia refused to join his cult Muhammad changed the direction of prayer from Jerusalem to Mecca.

There also were more than one Kabba, there were several Kabbas throughout the Middle East in early pagan times.

So Mohammed incorporated pagan beliefs into Muslim practices today.

Muhammad early on his career bow down to the 3 daughters of the moon god from his old tribe to get them to join him committing shirk. Later Muhammad claimed that Shaytaan (Satan) had taken control of him and that became the Satanic verses incident.

https://www.abnsat.com Jesus or Mohammad show

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