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Uploaded on Aug 26, 2011

awhile ago,i walked in my mom's room to find her watching 'keeping up with the kardashians' and it was about when kim had her photoshoot in the bahamas with justin.And since my mom KNEW i liked justin,she told me to stay and watch for awhile.so i did and i found out that when kim did the photoshoot,she was 29 when she did the photo shoot and she claims that she got 'embarrassed' from all the reports saying she's a cougar for ya know,having the photoshoot with justin,lol.sorry kim.

Terry's POV :

"Justin?" "yeah..?" Justin seemed reluctant to talk to me right now as he scanned my text messages non-stop."would you come sit with me?" i said patting a seat next to me on the ground." Justin stopped scanning my texts and looked down on me slowly."oh so NOW you want me to sit next to you?" right.he was still mad."ye--i mean--if you dont want to then--" Justin immediately sat next to me wrapping his one free arm around my waist as he continued on scanning the texts."i thought you--" "shut up and dont speak." well that was rude of him.I looked around."wheres chaz?" "he went out hunting." ryan replied as he sucked the last drop of water in his water bottle."really for what?!" i said excitedly as i attempted to stand up.But justin pulled me down so i just sat down anyway."i dunno.he just told me to tell you awhile ago and--" Ryan didnt get to finish his sentence cause chaz came running in with something shiny in his hands."guys! guys! Look what ive got!' "lemme see!" i attempted to stand up again,but justin once again,pulled me down."why?" "just stay here okay?" "but im just gonna--" Justin glared at me."fine.CHAZZY! CAN I SEE THAT!" Chaz came running towards me."look ter,ive got a diamond!" "really?! whered you find it?!" i said grabbing the diamond from chaz's hands as i examined it."i went out,digging." chaz smiled. "sorry chaz.that things fake.look.it has rusts in it.diamonds DONT rust." ryan said walking towards us as he asked for the diamond,aswell as me,handing it over."damn it..i was hoping that i'd get the real mc-coy." chaz sighed as he looked down. But for me, i started laughing."well chazy, i think youve just got the 'de-coy!'" the others followed along with the laughter including chaz,krissy and suprisingly,justin too.but he didnt actually laugh along,he most likely hid a smile that he obviously didnt want to show.After a couple more minutes of laughing,justin started speaking up."kidnapper messaged." "really what does it say?" ryan looked as if he was about to say 'finally' it has been awhile since justin replied to his question for the hints from the kidnapper so he was kinda of relieved.But justin didnt speak.He just instead simply handed my phone to ryan as they both looked at eachother shaking their heads."oh weve got a clue alright." ryan said."is it sufficient?" krisell came walking in our conversation.Justin looked at krisell then my phone."were going to germany." "why?" Justin rolled his eyes on me.great.i feel as if im the only person he snubs me on when i ask him questions.and ofcourse,he ignored it.Kharisy then asked justin."why are we going to germany?"
"the kidnapper said they'd be found there in ricardo-ven vienne' hospital." "oh,i know that.we studied about that when we were in 6th grade." chaz said snapping his fingers."correct.it is said to be one of the most most patient died hospital in the world.and is also a mental hospital for people not in the right mind to think properly." justin explained."then were going." kharisy smiled with confidence."hold up babe.we have one problem." ryan said looking far of."what is it?" "we dont KNOW where ricardo-ven vienne' is located particularly.we only know that its in germany." "right." khar suddenly lost her confidence as she sat down."ive got some plane tickets for germany.we'll just look for the place when we get there." krisell said as all of us looked at him."well?" i asked."my aunt jodi works there.she can send us some plane tickets here." all of us nodded in agreement."im going to call her now." "wait--when are we going to be receiving the tickets?" ryan stopped krissy from calling her aunt jodi.Krisell smiled."dont worry.it will be a fast transportation.her work is a five star manager in the airport of germany." "sweet." ryan exclaimed as him and krisell slapped hands.i looked at justin."what?" "thank you for finally noticing me." justin stayed silent."are you mad at me?" justin shrugged.i guess that was a 'yes'.i sighed.i want him back.now.i need him now. END POV


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to be continued..

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