Lose 48% More Belly Fat w/ These 10 HIIT Workout Rules





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Published on Jan 22, 2015

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Rule #1 (0:07) Your interval workout should kick your ass in 10-to-40 minutes.

Rule #2 (1:11) The hard parts of your interval workout should last 10-to-40 seconds

Rule #3 (1:17) The easy parts of your interval workout should be no more than double the amount of time of your hard parts.

Rule #4 (1:38) Make sure the hard parts of your interval workout are actually HARD!

Rule #5 (2:14) Make sure the easy parts of your interval workout are actually EASY!

Rule #6 (2:28) Only do high intensity interval workouts 3-to-4 days a week

Rule #7 (3:25) Always Do your interval workouts LAST

Rule #8 (3:41) is optional but Do your interval workouts 2 times a day for faster fat loss

Rule #9 (4:14) is also optional but you may want to alternate between Upper & lower body interval

Rule #10 (5:04) Always try to beat your last interval workout.

5 ways you can always beat your last workout to burn more fat each time you do intervals

1. You can make your easy parts shorter or you can rest less after doing the hard parts of your interval workout

2. You can make your hard parts longer or longer than 40 seconds)

3. You can do your interval workout longer than 40 minutes if the full 40min isn’t already kicking your ass

4. You can workout harder during your hard parts. (ex. Run or walk faster, walk on an incline or wear a weight vest)

5. Keep a log. if possible start tracking how fast you were going, how many calories you burned and/or how many miles you did so you can have something to look forward to beating in your next interval workout

Anything you can do to make your workout tiny bit more intense is only going to help you lose weight faster


Rule #1...
After 10-to-40 minutes you should be so exhausted that you won’t feel like doing anything else workout wise unless it’s something like a light walk afterwards.

If you feel like you can do another interval workout or go lift weights shortly after finishing a 10-to-40 interval workout then you really didn’t just do an interval workout because you obviously were not putting in enough effort or working out hard enough for it to be considered as a high intensity fast burning interval workout.

Let me make it real simple for you. If the interval workout does not kick your ass in 10-to-40 minutes then it’s not an interval workout. I know you don’t want to hear this but Your i point where you feel like quitting but you don’t give up because you continually have to push and motivate yourself by thinking about how you’re going to look better naked in 10-to-40 minutes.

Rule #4
On a scale of 1-to-10 with 10 being real hard – You want to be at an 11 (im not joking) but Be at a least a 7 for your hard parts.

Make your hard parts so hard that you can’t wait for the easy parts to come up so you can rest

If you feel like you’re going to die during your hard parts (but you’re not nauseous, dizzy or anything serious like that) then that’s a good thing!

Your hard parts need to be so intense that you can’t really talk to anyone & 100% of your focus should all be on giving your maximum effort for 10-to-40 seconds.

Rule #6

Now if you break rule # 6 you can possibly lose 15 pounds every 3 weeks instead of only 10 pounds but before you break rule #6...

Make sure & BE Absolutely Certain that the 3-to-4 days per week of interval workouts you're already doing are actually kicking your ass (remember rule #1) and if your interval workouts aren't kicking your ass...

If you truly are getting your ass kicked with 3-to-4 days per week of interval workouts then chances are you WOULD NOT even dare doing an interval workout more than 3-to-4 days per week unless you're highly motivated by the fast weight loss results you're getting.

And As a side not if you're only doing a lot of short 10 minute interval workouts then more 3-to-4 days a week is fine.

Rule #10 Always try to beat your last interval workout.

What I mean by this is that if you gave 85% during your last interval workout then in your next interval workout I want you to try to give 86% (heck, even 85.0001% is fine) to beat your last workout and if you can’t beat 85% that’s fine as long as you don’t slack off too much and give less than about 75-84% because you see Each time you do an interval workout you want to push yourself that extra inch each time to keep burning more & more fat every time you workout.

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